The Best Baseball Cap for The Best You

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Here is the sports baseball cap from Streeter. Streeter is one of the brands from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker founded in 1998.

Do you want a baseball cap?

A sports baseball cap, as the name implies, is a special supply for baseball players, a baseball cap with a cap tongue, and cap top two parts. It tends to have a simple and sharp design. Belong to the functional cap, it has the function of sun shade, warmth, modeling, and other roles. Besides, the baseball cap tongue is curved inward, also a called curved-brim baseball cap. The shape of a baseball cap itself is very solid, and the brim placed with the hair can also be good to cover the flesh, long faces, round faces, and diamond-shaped faces.

sports 5-panel caps

Different kinds of hats have characteristics


A beret is a kind of no eaves soft quality military cap, usually as some national army of the Rangers, special forces, and airborne forces personnel signs. History’s earliest wearing beret army is the British army, and the United States in the Second World War had formed a special force, its members wore a green beret, thus beret commonly known as the “green beret”.

Baseball Caps

A baseball cap, which we usually see the most, is also a kind of hat type, in any season we will see the corresponding baseball cap, whether it is a sports series or fashion series visible everywhere. A product baseball cap brand also has many, usually speaking, as long as is a production cap company will certainly have a baseball cap.

woolen Caps

People primarily use a wool cap as a warm hat during winter. A wool cap offers a variety of knitting forms, with endless knitting patterns, making it a highly fashionable hat style. Moreover, the casual wool cap in winter is considered a versatile accessory that complements various styles.

Sun Hats

Sun hat is a very broad concept because sun hat contains various hat styles that can shade the sun hat should be classified as a sun hat. But usually, the term “sun hat” is used to describe a hat with a very large peripheral brim. For instance, a typical sun hat is a large-brim beach cap. People also refer to it as a sun hat because it is primarily used for shading oneself from the sun.

adjustable sports baseball cap

The Origin of Baseball Caps

A baseball cap, as a year-round cap, can be used as a single product, can modify the face shape, and summer shade, and also can save shampoo. Therefore, we may be curious about how to produce a baseball cap actually?

A baseball cap is developed together with the baseball movement that is very popular in the United States. In the game in the defense of a team of players most are to wear a baseball cap, so many fans will also wear their favorite team’s hat. After the popular up is not only the baseball team’s hat, various styles and brands of baseball caps in the world are very popular.

The Development of Baseball Caps

The First Baseball Cap

In 1839, the first baseball game was held in New York State. 1860, professional baseball players began to appear in the U.S. The National Professional Baseball Players Organization established itself in 1871 and later changed its name to the American Baseball Federation in 1876. In 1881, another national professional baseball organization emerged, eventually transforming into the All-American Professional Baseball Federation. In 1884, the World Baseball Championship, the inaugural championship game between these two organizations, took place.

Development in 1910

Later, in 1910, the then President of the United States, William Howard Taft, officially approved baseball as the “national ball” of the United States. The baseball cap gained popularity among each baseball team, with players initially using it to block the sun. Over time, it became a staple accessory for games, offering protection from rain or shine. Whenever a game took place, people would don the baseball cap. The introduction of baseball to Japan in 1873 brought the cap to the country from the United States.

In Japan

The Japanese professional baseball team founded in 1934 introduced baseball caps to the Japanese baseball teams. European countries rapidly developed baseball after the Second World War. Baseball is played in more than 100 countries and regions across five continents worldwide. A baseball cap is popular in the world but also limited to baseball players, people also did not take a baseball cap as a life supply, a baseball cap at that time also became a baseball player’s iconic decoration.

Because of the great influence of baseball, a baseball cap also with the development of baseball sport flourished according to the United States of America experts for many years of research on baseball sport originated from British cricket (Cricket also called round ball Rounder). In 1839, the American Doubleday (Doubleday) organized the first game with the modern baseball sport very similar game. And in the game players just started to cover the sun to bring the hat, because of its special nature, so the brim is relatively long to block the sun’s rays on the eye irradiation so as to get better results, this is the earliest baseball cap.

How to Pick A More Beautiful and Durable Baseball Cap?

We can follow the below aspects to determine the baseball cap good or bad.

First: the front view

A poor-quality baseball cap: cap body deflated, shrinkage, multiple parts collapse, and can not modify the face shape well.

A high-quality baseball cap: the cap body is round, full, cap shape brace shaped, and can really realize the head package face effect.

Second: side view

A soft surface baseball cap: soft fabric causes the cap body more collapse, fold, and shrinkage; the curve is not smooth; a brim size, and a curvature single.

A hard surface baseball cap: increasing the side shaping, and cap body more full more three-dimensional, optimizes head curve, and the brim according to head circumference adjustment size and curvature. 

Third: back view

An inferior-quality baseball cap: cap body becomes pointed, multi-part protrusion as well as pleats, cap circumference single – not suitable for all people.

A high-quality baseball cap: want to back curve smooth, and back of the head shaping is the focus, divided code custom, and different head circumferences wear different hats.

Forth: internal view

A poor quality baseball cap: cap body fabric only one layer, double-needle band, and the sweatband is also more ordinary fabric, relatively speaking rough, and has no shaping function.

A quality baseball cap: cap body uses multiple layers of imported fabrics, and the sweatband uses more soft and comfortable custom fabric, both comfortable and support performance. Customized double needle band, both soft and performance.

Streeter Sports Baseball Cap

Based on the above judging criteria, we recommend a product to you, the unconstructed baseball cap.

This sports baseball cap is derived from the Streeter, mainly used in sports places. The audience is female users, therefore, for aesthetic design, this baseball cap has two colors. That is, orange or light blue for you to choose from.

Sports Baseball Cap

The Whole Design

In addition to that, the fabric design of the cap is also very distinctive. It has a tail strap made of a self-fabric and bronze TRI-GLIDE buckle. The maximum size is 58 cm/22.83 inches, made with 100% cotton. Its brim is designed with a curved brim that is more in line with the aesthetic standards of modern people, as well as face shape modification. The hat of the committee loan uses the original cloth plus bronze day word buckle composition. Day word buckle is easy to adjust. In the front of the hat, the use of the flat embroidery process shows a beautiful logo.

Stay Tuned for the Highlights of This Sports Baseball Cap

Fabric: Washed Cotton

First of all, we need to understand what is washed cotton.

As the name suggests, it is cotton or polyester as raw materials, after the washing process to process.


Washed cotton is not necessarily pure cotton, maybe polyester on the current market. The washed cotton on the market is made of chemical fiber.

With regular hand washing, a general cap will not shrink. Wash with cold water or warm water about 30℃/86℉. Do not use too hot water to wash, otherwise, the hat will shrink after washing. Washing hats is best to use soap to wash, do not use washing powder to wash.

Other benefits: The benefits of this sports baseball cap: 

Firstly, good moisture absorption and breathability.

Secondly, a comfortable hand feel, the better-washed cotton surface will have a layer of fine lint and have a very good wearing experience.

Thirdly, easy to dye and has a good color-fixing performance, and is not easy to fade after washing.

Lastly, not easy to shrink, not easy to wrinkle, and is non-iron.

Brim: Curved plastic brim

There is a certain curved arc, fitting the head, and more aesthetic so that you stand out in a sea of people.

curved-brim sports baseball cap

Panel and Crown: six pieces of this unstructured sports baseball cap

Increasing the skull top effect is more obvious, and is not easy on the soft couch, modifying head shape well. In addition, more seemingly Korean casual.

6-panel sports baseball cap

Closure: slide buckle adjustable closure

The slide buckle, also known as a tri-glide buckle, is to adjust the buckle’s commonly used material. The material is general nylon or Acetal and is generally used for adjusting webbing.

tri-glide sports baseball cap

The slide buckle, compared to plastic buckles and other products, is more solid. It can be used with the non-adjustable buckle to make up for the buckle cannot be adjusted.

Logo: embroidery logo

The logo is the trademark of the foreign language abbreviation, is the abbreviation of logotype, and play the logo has the role of identification and promotion of the company, through the image of the logo can let consumers remember the main body of the company and brand culture. At the same time, the embroidery logo on the front of this baseball cap can greatly increase the product’s aesthetic sense.

flat embroidery sports baseball cap

The Sweatband

The sweat-absorbing headband is well known, especially in the hot summer, the forehead will sweat after wearing it for a long time. The product takes into account this aspect, using sweat-absorbing fabric, which can even absorb the beads of sweat on the forehead, and also let people cool!

The Wonderful Use of This Sports Baseball Cap in Real Life

Shade: Baseball players in the game due to the venue and time of the problem will be right to the sun to affect the vision, so a baseball cap plays the role of shade.

Hair binding:

A baseball cap can restrain the athlete’s hair to avoid mistakes caused by too long hair covering during the game.


For baseball players in winter or colder season competitions, a baseball cap can play a role in ensuring warmth for the head.


A baseball cap can prevent small items from falling into the hair, such as sand, dust, etc.


With the development of baseball caps, the above 3 functions as the most basic functional characteristics of a baseball cap have been unable to meet the needs of modern people, a baseball cap becomes more and more fashionable and can do as a decorative supply.

light blue sports baseball cap

Wearing a baseball cap matters

Wear a baseball cap and wear clothes, and try to avoid shortcomings, even if they wear satisfied, and make people look elegant. Finding a reliable and trustable hat maker is also important. Hat form and color must match clothes, scarves, gloves, shoes, etc. Ladies with glasses do not wear hats that have complex flower patterns, should not the forehead, and the crown of the hat should be high, which can show your dashing style and elegant temperament.

Men’s hat size that the number is the number of centimeters around the head, so the purchase is very convenient. But taking into account that some hats after washing will be shrunk, when buying a slightly larger hat, please. Here are the general sizes. 50-55 cm is for adults; 50-55 cm is for children; 42-46 cm is for babies.