Nylon Bucket Hat – A Fashionable Staple

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we will introduce a nylon bucket hat from Streeter. Streeter is one brand from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a reliable and professional hat maker since 1998.

Did you start to wonder about nylon when you saw the title? As you can imagine, today’s product is a nylon bucket hat. I believe many consumers are not unfamiliar with nylon fabric, but do you really know this fabric? Before going into the details of this product, let’s step into the world of nylon fabric and have a more detailed understanding of this fabric.

 nylon bucket hat
nylon bucket hat

Fabric: Nylon Fabric

Nylon fabric is one of the synthetic fibers, it is called “nylon” in most countries, also known as nylon fabric. It is the world’s first synthetic fiber. With its superior properties and rich material resources in all walks of life, it has been widely used. Nylon is the best of all fabric fibers in terms of strength and wear resistance. In addition, nylon is incredibly durable, as it has 10 times the wear resistance of cotton and dry viscose fibers and 140 times that of wet fibers.

Great Elastic & Recovery Ability

Nylon fabric also has good elasticity and elastic recovery ability. But when subjected to a small external force, it is easy to deform and wrinkle. And because of the poor air permeability, nylon fabric is more prone to static electricity. In addition, nylon is more comfortable than polyester because it absorbs moisture faster than other synthetic fabrics. Nylon fabric also has excellent anti-cavity and anti-corrosion abilities.


However, nylon fabrics do not withstand heat or light well. Therefore, the ironing temperature should be kept below 140℃. If you are a huge fan of our articles, you might already know this earlier before.

And in order to wear and use nylon to protect the fabric, one must pay attention to washing and maintenance conditions. Nylon is the third lightest synthetic material, after polypropylene and acrylic. Nylon fabric is lightweight, so it can be used to make mountaineering clothing, winter clothing, etc. Today’s product is intended for casual sports scenes and no wonder why it’s made of nylon. 

How to Choose A Bucket Hat?

As indicated before, this bucket hat is made of nylon fabric, which has earned a good reputation because of its advantages. But how do we choose the right hat that’s suitable for us and why today’s bucket hat could be a recommendation? If you want to have answered, keep reading and you’ll figure out why. Most hats cover the entire top of the head.

Mainly used to protect the head, some hats will have a protruding edge, which can block the sun. Hats can also be used for dressing, protecting hair, covering baldness, or as part of a uniform or religious dress. There are different kinds, such as top hats, sun hats, and so on. Some hats have a canopy, called a visor, that extends outward. Wearing a hat has different manners in different cultures. It is especially important in Western cultures because wearing a hat used to be a symbol of social status.

Pink, Beige, and Blue!

There are also many people who don’t know where to choose colorful clothes but blindly try on what they see. As a result, shopping, which is very casual and pleasant, becomes very tiring. After trying on less than ten clothes, you will get upset and run out of ideas.

Expensive Junk

And forever lost in the corner, becoming expensive junk. And you still have to worry about what to wear to go out each day, and your wardrobe is always one item short. This nylon bucket hat has three colors, respectively pink, beige, and blue. These colors can add a splash of color to your wardrobe and make it less boring.

Endless Style Worries

Once you have clothes, you have to worry about what shoes, what bag, what jewelry, what glasses, and what watch to wear. You see someone else’s hair dyed, you dye your own hair, and the result is so shocking that you have to dye another color on the spot before you dare to go out and meet someone. Some people feel that they don’t look good in anything, and over time their confidence is frustrated.

Discover Your Beauty

With time passing by, they started to think that their appearance is not beautiful enough. People who think bright colors don’t work on them might not have found their own color season type. The nylon bucket hat today comes in three colors that go well together and are suitable for most skin tones. Some people think bright colors don’t work on dark skin, but the nylon bucket hat can be a lifesaver. This product is more versatile because of beige neutralization.

Colorful Style Tips

Dark skin doesn’t mean saying goodbye to all kinds of fancy colors, proper color collocation can also make people’s eyes bright, and give people a feeling of spirit. For hats, if you’re wearing dark clothes, choose a lighter hat that won’t look too dark. Blue and red can be tried. The hat is one of the most important accessories, and the color depth should be moderate. If the color is too dark to look dull, it’s too light to contrast. Today’s nylon bucket hat is very modest and can be a really good choice for you.

Other Tips for You to Choose A Hat

If you’re wearing something on the bright side, opt for a slightly understated hat to balance out the sparkle of your outfit. Coffee, off-white, black, or denim are good choices. Finally, according to your face shape, choose a hat that suits you, and matches your favorite color, and then you can enjoy the rest of your day.

Today’s nylon bucket hat is a perfect fit for the casual scene. People with dark skin can try to wear gray, black hats. To wear bright-colored hats, we should also pay attention to the overall effect of the dress. For people with white skin, the hat is suitable for more colors. However, because too white skin tends to make people feel weak, so we should avoid choosing white or similar colors when choosing a hat color.

When you know your own color season pattern and color use rule through the test, you will find that things are so simple as all the troubles and puzzles that bother you can be solved easily. and everyone can have a clear positioning of his color by using principles from head to toe according to his color season pattern. Including hair color, glasses, lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, nail polish, watches, accessories, clothing, stockings, shoes, bags, etc.

bucket cap
bucket cap

The Effect of Pink, Beige, and Blue

Suitable color cannot only brighten the face, but it can also make your skin texture looks very thin, very transparent, and crystal. The combination of pink, beige, and blue of today’s nylon bucket hat are versatile. Its glossy sense is very good, facial contours are three-dimensional, clear, bright eyes, have spirit, face shape has tightened feeling, thus the whole person will appear healthy, beautiful, energetic, and even temperament will change significantly.

Color Psychology Insights

At the same time, the psychological tendency of these three colors should also be aware of. People have a psychological tendency to color. When you don’t know your color principles, you don’t have much sense of your original color habits. However, when you stick to your color season to dress up, let you go back to wearing the wrong colors you used to use, and you will be surprised to wear the wrong clothes, gradually your emotional tendency to color will also change.

New Color Combo

The influence of color on psychology and life has been recognized as a fact and has been applied in developed countries in psychological treatment and some disease auxiliary treatments. Today’s color collocation is quite new for consumers, as we don’t see the combination of pink, beige, and blue. So once you had this nylon bucket hat, you will find yourself from outside to inside have a brand-new feeling, the mood will be clear a lot, and relatives and friends around to see you will have a bright feeling.

At social events, your first impression will be that you are presentable, generous, and classy. Your confidence will be greatly improved. Of course, you will feel much more comfortable doing things with this bucket hat.

Other Details about This Nylon Bucket Hat

The color selection of this product is relatively neutral, so the positioning of this bucket hat is unisex. As a unisex product, the bucket hat is perfect for everyday wear for both men and women. Whether it’s casual or sport, this nylon bucket hat can definitely help you get a lot of attention from the crowd. Men wear this bucket hat to show energy, while women wear it to show poise.

The narrow brim design has a function in shaping the face, which makes it earn a good reputation from the consumers. The logo techniques adopt the printing screen and flat embroidery. It is relatively rare for products to use two techniques at the same time. Next, we can have a detailed understanding of these two techniques.

hat logo
hat logo

Screen Printing and Flat Embroidery

Screen Printing

The screen printing is based on the original manuscript, select the plate-making method and printing process and determine the printing materials to be used. Because of the very wide range of uses of printing screens, there are many types of corresponding processes. It is very important to choose which one is the process. There are a variety of materials used in each process, and the choice of which material to use depends on the nature of the pattern, the number of copies, and the use of the product.

Flat Embroidery

Flat embroidery, also known as fine embroidery, is one of the Chinese embroidery styles and one of the 14 embroidery methods of Hunan embroidery. The embroidery techniques of Hunan embroidery have been inherited and developed by generations of artists, resulting in a variety of embroidery methods and stitches.

Flat embroidery is a kind of embroidery which is carried out on the flat base material by the stitch methods such as flat stitch, swing stitch, set stitch, flat stitch, and applying stitch. The embroidered face is delicate, delicate, and full of texture.

The Advantages of This Combination

The combination of these two processes is not only innovative but also improves the quality of the product. printing screens are not limited by the size and shape of the substrate. General printing can only be carried out on a flat surface, and screen printing cannot only be carried out on a flat surface but also on a special shape of the molding, such as a spherical surface.

Shape things can be used to screen printing. Flat embroidery is the oldest and most classic way of embroidery. This combination greatly broadens the artistry and value of this product. The hat is infused with traditional techniques and a printing screen, which further demonstrates the entrepreneurial spirit of the hat maker-STREETER: Heritage and Innovation.

Streeter sports nylon bucket hat with embroidery eyelets SFG-210311-3
Streeter sports nylon bucket hat with embroidery eyelets SFG-210311-3


A bucket Hat is also called a fisherman’s Hat. According to Wikipedia, it was originally developed in Ireland as a traditional rainproof by fishermen and farmers. Since it could be folded and placed in coat pockets, it was soon accepted by the English upper classes for hiking, hunting, and fishing. Bucket Hat is a soft polyester hat.

A narrow and small edge can cover deeply, which is the same style of male and female hat class. Instead of having a long, protruding leading edge like a baseball cap, the bucket hat has only a slightly trapezoidal rim for shading. Bucket hats are usually made of polyester 190t, wrapped with steel wire, and fitted with a small cloth bag so that people can easily fold into the small bag, providing a lot of convenience for summer travel.

Its appearance is not very outstanding, bucket style hat top, sloping down wide brim, purely functional folk objects, but has been transformed into the fashion stage of today’s display. As the saying goes, the surge of a trend must be closely related to the history and culture behind it. The bucket hat is or has become, the new darling of the fashion world. Today’s nylon bucket hat allows you to be in touch with fashion. Classic color scheme, classic design, classic details, aren’t you ready to start?