Nylon Bucket Hat with Color Block

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we will introduce a nylon bucket hat from Streeter. Streeter is one brand from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a reliable and professional hat maker since 1998.

This style of headwear is commonly referred to as a “Bucket Hat,” after the inverted shape that it adopts when it is worn on the head. This moniker is self-explanatory.

Streeter nylon bucket hat SFG-210311-3
Streeter nylon bucket hat SFG-210311-3

Bucket Hat History

Fishermen in Ireland and England made bucket hats popular in the late 19th century. The hats became common in both countries. Later, British soldiers wore them while fighting in World War I.

A bucket hat, which had been fashionable in Europe in the past but had been mostly disregarded in North America, experienced a spike in popularity during the 1970s. This trend has previously been popular in Europe. A number of famous people, like Sean Connery and John Lennon, were instrumental in bringing back the style.

Hip-Hop Resurgence & Bucket Hat

Bucket hats have become more popular again thanks to hip-hop celebrities like Jay-Z and people attending independent music festivals worldwide.

Functionality is one area in which a good bucket hat shines. It is not only for those who wish to attract attention wherever they go.

A “Bucket Hat” is a typical name for this type of headwear due to the inverted shape it assumes when worn. The title pretty much says it all.

Timeless Bucket Hat

Fishermen in Ireland and England spread the use of bucket hats around the end of the 19th century, and they quickly became widespread fashion accessories. British soldiers fighting in World War I eventually started sporting them on the front lines.

This trend has remained popular for a long time, even though its popularity fluctuates every few years. The humble bucket hat is still a sought-after accessory at fashion shows all around the world in the year 2021. Choose a shade that is always sophisticated, such as black or gray, by going with a neutral color.

Nylon Fabric

Nylon fabric, one of the most suitable materials for a bucket hat, is included in the latest bucket hat collections from Streeter. As a result, a talented milliner like it pays extra attention to improving bucket hats. This nylon bucket hat features a contrasting color block design, as you can see.

Which begs the question: why nylon? This topic will be discussed in the sections that follow.

Nylon is commonly used in many different kinds of clothing and accessories. Due to its longevity, low maintenance requirements, and numerous applications, nylon has become a staple in the fashion industry and beyond.  Nylon also has been applied in many non-clothing items, including ropes, parachutes, and mechanical gears.

Natural & Synthetic Polyamides

To summarize, nylon is a form of material known as polyamide. Synthesizing polyamides is possible, and they can also be found occurring naturally in some materials, such as silk and wool. Because it is created from polymers through a chemical process, nylon is considered to be a man-made or synthetic product.

From Military to Fashion – Nylon

Nylon fabric, which was formerly referred to as “synthetic silk,” has swiftly taken the place of natural silk in a significant number of clothes. In addition, nylon stockings were first commercially available in 1939, a year after DuPont’s invention of Nyon in 1935. Nylon stockings became immensely popular in the late 1940s, even though they were diverted for military use in WWII. The widespread adoption of nylon led to its use in various industries like athletic gear, footwear, and accessories.

Blended Fabrics & Nylon

Nylon, a man-made material, is frequently mixed with cotton or rayon, both of which are natural or semi-synthetic fibers. Nylon is durable, retains its color, and doesn’t shrink or stretch when washed. Blending nylon with other fibers creates delicate and supple fabrics. Fabrics with a higher percentage of silk or more flexibility need specific cleaning methods, such as dry cleaning or hand washing.

Nylon: Tough & Resilient

It is a versatile fabric that is used in a wide array of products, ranging from high-end blouses and skirts to workwear and casual wear. Nylon is utilized in all of these different types of clothing. Nylon is tough and water-resistant, making it ideal for demanding applications such as bomber jackets and shoes. Handbags are also frequently made from nylon. Although it may not be the most comfortable material, nylon is widely used in clothing, which you might not realize by looking at the label.

On the other hand, the design of their color blocks is going to grab your attention.

Color Blocking

The term “color blocking” refers to a method that is utilized in the field of visual arts to establish visual contrast. This is accomplished by combining hues that are located on opposite sides of the color wheel. If you mix yellow and blue together, you’ll get purple, and if you mix blue and red together, you’ll get orange.

Streeter nylon bucket hat at down view side SFG-210311-3
Streeter nylon bucket hat at down view side SFG-210311-3

Mondrian’s Color Blocking

The Dutch painter Piet Mondrian is most famous for popularizing this idea through his Neo-Plasticism style. In his abstract yet geometric paintings, Mondrian aimed for the simplest possible composition. The artist achieved the contrast by using solid blocks of color.

While the precise origin of color blocking is still up for question, it is undeniable that Mondrian’s work popularized the idea to such an extent that he is often credited as its founder. Because of his pivotal role in the movement, Yves Saint Laurent based his entire Fall/Winter 1965–1966 Collection on his writings.

Color Blocking Chic

Since then, color blocking has always been popular among fashionistas everywhere.

The use of a single color effect of clothing items for modeling collocation cannot satisfy the needs of everyone. As a result, making use of bright colors or a variety of colors to exhibit the effect is incredibly attractive in order to create a more colorful and attractive modeling sense.

Partitioning the color space makes the presentation more intuitive. Using two or more colors in a design adds style. Contrasting colors or color-blocking can convey a trendy allure and demonstrate a fantastic sense of modeling. The color-blocking method exudes a sense of sophisticated femininity while being youthful and entertaining. If you want your outfit for the summer to stand out from the crowd, try using color blocks.

embroidery and screen printing logo
embroidery and screen printing logo

Nylon Bucket Hat: Pastel Patchwork

The Streeter nylon bucket hat has a patchwork of pastel colors with pink, off-white, and blue. Some people think pink and blue, with their warm and cool tones respectively, don’t look good together. The combination of blue and pink, on the other hand, brought forth an unexpected outcome.

Both the light blue and the pale pink reveal the wearer to have a mature mentality and a calm demeanor, while the pale blue also reveals that the wearer is nice and attractive. The interaction of the two creates the perfect harmony and equilibrium. Because it is neither either childlike and sugary or overly serious and sophisticated, blue-pink is often used as a synonym for energizing and modern.

Perfect Harmony: Beige & Cool Blue

The opposite of warm, or chilly, is called frigid, and beige is a member of the light hue family. When coupled, beige and cool blue provide the sense that everything is in perfect harmony, much as it would be when a straightforward girl met a youthful boy. Put on this nylon bucket hat for a fun day trip whether it is the middle of summer or the beginning of spring. Lighter colors, when used together, can make a woman look adorable and a man appears more youthful.

Dimensional Embroidery Hat

In addition, the process of creating the hat logo makes use of flat embroidery as well as printing screens. In contrast to the silk screen version of the pattern, the letters are embroidered in a manner that is more dimensional and provides a greater sense of touch. The fact that the pattern on the hat is made utilizing both of these approaches makes it one of a kind. A visual illusion can be created by using a dark color, and this illusion can have a significant impact on the overall form of the face. Hats with short brims often have deep tops that are able to cover around half of the long facial contour.

short narrow-down brim
short narrow-down brim

Versatile Nylon Bucket Hat

The versatility of this nylon bucket hat makes it a wonderful addition to a wide variety of wardrobe choices. It may be styled in an infinite number of different ways, from a business suit to a Hawaiian shirt to a pair of sweatpants and sneakers. You can find anything you desire by playing with your own personal style; the accessories can be worn with your favorite outfits while still making you appear to be completely up-to-date.

Streeter nylon bucket hat stand upside down view SFG-210311-3
Streeter nylon bucket hat stand upside down view SFG-210311-3

Bucket hats are the ideal accessory for completing an urban or streetwear outfit. You may switch things up if you wear it with shorts and a polo shirt in a light hue like white or cream. In addition to that, you might try pairing sweatpants or chinos with oversized graphic T-shirts or Cuban shirts. Wearing them with some chunky sneakers will both improve your comfort and contribute to your overall style.

In the End

If you want to add this nylon bucket hat to your wardrobe, the option that is just shown to you is one that might work for you. Think about how aesthetically pleasing and useful something is before you buy it. There is no downside to giving a bucket hat a shot because, in general, they are a fashion trend that is likely to stick around for some time.