Patchwork Bucket Hat from Streeter

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Here, today we’re going to introduce a patchwork bucket hat from Streeter. Streeter is one brand from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a reliable and professional hat maker since 1998.

The patchwork bucket hat maker is Streeter. The patchwork bucket hat is considered to be the most suitable hat for daily travel. Compared with other types of hats, patchwork bucket hats can be more easily integrated into daily life. It is also the best matching item for outings or tourism.

Streeter coloful patchwork bucket hat SFG-210310-3
Streeter coloful patchwork bucket hat SFG-210310-3

Gentle Companionship

The colourful bucket hat has no sharp appearance. It looks like a weak woman. The affinity has replaced the sharp edge. Like a girl with a sweet smile every day in her school days, or a sunny boy who is always full of energy and positive in his youth. Or like a mother who can cook a lot of delicious food, gently touch your head, and let you wash your hands and eat quickly.

Gentleness is like the pronoun of this colorful bucket hat. The colourful bucket hat is reminiscent of a soft texture. Put on the colourful bucket hat, and the severest person will become softer. Unconsciously emit a gentle light. This may be the unique charm of the colourful bucket hat.

Able to Adapt to Various Occasions

The requirements of the majority of consumers for bucket hats are daily. This means that bucket hats should be deeply integrated into daily travel. To put it simply, this bucket hat needs to adapt to various occasions. It is not surprising that consumers can wear fisherman’s hats together in various markets.

This bucket hat is very good at this point. This bucket hat can serve as the two major tasks of adapting to leisure places and sports places. If you want to go out and relax, you can wear this bucket cap. Relax your mood, of course, without excessive distress. This bucket hat can be used in many occasions. You can take it boldly to leisure places or sports places, and it can adapt well.

This is also a way to help you relax. It alleviates the pain in wearing and matching skills. This versatile bucket hat does not need to be specially designed and matched. It will definitely make you feel relieved. One more item can be removed from the list of tasks to prepare for going out.

Streeter patchwork bucket hat with a woven label SFG-210310-3
Streeter patchwork bucket hat with a woven label SFG-210310-3

Mix and Match Multiple Colors

This patchwork bucket hat is obviously colored. This patchwork bucket hat is also divided into many different color combinations. Different color combinations make different interesting fisherman hats. Because of the color design, there may be many colors on a patchwork bucket hat. Then it is possible that one of the colors is not liked by consumers. But it seems a pity to give up such a good patchwork bucket hat just for that part of the color.

At this time, different color combinations play an important role. Consumers can choose the color they like. Choose a color combination to match your bucket hat. Such a small design is actually very considerate. It can also more impress consumers. Provide a better consumer experience.

Sun-Kissed Outing

The color really looks more attractive than a solid color. A color composed of multiple colors gathers the advantages of various colors. Color can bring a more lively, sunny, and positive impression. It can provide a more youthful and beautiful atmosphere. This color is the most beautiful when combined with sunny days.

I think I can have an outing with my family and friends in the early spring. Bathed in the sun, wear this patchwork bucket hat, enjoy sunbathing, and feel the care of the patchwork bucket hat.

The Layered Color Combination Can Be Harmoniously Integrated

Color is not defined. What’s more, color mixes too many elements and emotional colors. Color cannot be simply defined as suitable for which group. Color is free. It can follow your heart to pursue the freedom you desire. So this patchwork bucket hat is designed as a neutral design. Men, women, old and young can choose this patchwork bucket hat. As long as you like this bucket hat, this bucket hat is suitable for you.

This patchwork bucket hat has many color classifications. The designer racked his brains and finally combined the best combinations. Each collocation has an attractive charm. I really want to introduce each one to you carefully.

Sreeter casual patchwork bucket hat SFG-210310-3
Sreeter casual patchwork bucket hat SFG-210310-3

Orange, Gray-Green and Light Pink Bucket Hat

There is a combination of orange, gray-green, and light pink. The light tones of orange and pink have a vivid and lively temperament. It is very suitable for young people. It can better show the vitality of youth. Make the wearer radiate a state of full vitality and positive progress. It has greatly improved morale. But the magic is that the two colors are mixed with gray-green elements. Dark tones like gray-green can bring some calm temperament. This neutralizes the two younger elements. Pulled down the impetuous temperament. In this way, it will appear more stable after synthesis. It also conforms to the definition of the neutral design of this patchwork bucket hat and is suitable for the public.

colorful hat
colorful hat

Orange, Sky Blue and Yellow Bucket Hat

Another color combination is orange, sky blue, and yellow. The color of the bottom layer is orange. This orange color is very light and seems to have a tendency toward pink. It is a very girlish color and it’s reminiscent of a shy girl standing behind the door, quietly sticking out her small head to observe. What’s more, it is so cute and makes people feel protective.

Sunny Day with This Bucket Hat

But the sky blue on the upper layer seems to be a big sunny boy. On sunny days, I run on the playground wantonly and sweat. Exercise with good friends. Full of laughter and laughter. I can’t help feeling that it’s good to be young, but it’s still young and more energetic.

It doesn’t seem to form a style. One is on the left and the other is on the right. It seems to be pulled outward and cannot be concentrated. At this time, the top layer of yellow. It brings together two styles that cannot be gathered together. While meeting the CITIC definition of this patchwork bucket hat, the color matching of this patchwork bucket hat has also been improved.

color-contrasting bucket cap
color-contrasting bucket cap

Dark Blue, Light Blue and Light Pink Bucket Hat

The final color combination is dark blue, light blue, and light pink. When consumers see this patchwork bucket hat at first glance, they can feel the light in front of it. Because the color matching of this patchwork bucket hat is more eye-catching.

The dark blue on the top layer and the light blue on the middle layer are slightly lighter. It is a very bright color that can catch the eyes of consumers for the first time. After receiving such a visual impact, consumers can’t help looking at it more.

But if the combination is too bright, it will sometimes dissuade many consumers. After all, a too-bright combination is too eye-catching. Walking on the road, although it has greatly improved the return rate, is not daily. Moreover, some consumers may prefer not to be overly concerned. In this regard, the bottom layer of dark blue plays a crucial role. By combining the visual impact through the dark tone, it effectively alleviates excessive color stimulation, ultimately contributing to the enhancement of consumer happiness.

The Gentle Patchwork Bucket Hat Certainly Needs Gentle Fabric

The fabric of a hat can also determine the atmosphere of this hat. The patchwork bucket hat with gentleness as its pronoun certainly needs soft fabric. Hard fabric will break the gentle atmosphere. In the soft fabric, this baseball cap is made of cotton slant without sanding. While ensuring the softness of the fabric, we also hope to retain a little texture.

The right choice of fabric can lead this patchwork bucket cap to a larger stage. This kind of fabric seems not novel and unique, but it is actually a strategy for winning stability. The patchwork bucket hat is placed on comfort, and the pursuit of stability is what the patchwork bucket hat fabric should do.

The Little Guard Who Takes Care of Your Vision and Feeling

Many hats have long brims. In fact, a long brim will block the wearer’s vision. It affects the wearer’s daily use of the eyes. It has been complained about by many consumers. This patchwork bucket hat has deeply referred to the opinions and needs of the majority of consumers. A short brim was made.

It seems to be just a simple problem about the length of the brim. In fact, there are still large security risks behind it. The long brim will block the wearer’s vision. The wearer is very likely to have limited vision during daily walking. Unable to observe a more comprehensive surrounding environment. This is a particularly dangerous and important thing.

Short Narrow-Down Brim

A long brim will also make the patchwork bucket cap fall down. The patchwork bucket hat may indeed keep flattening the wearer’s hairstyle downward. Consequently, once the hat is removed, the hair could cling to the scalp, significantly impacting its appearance. This is precisely what the majority of consumers are hesitant to witness and embrace.

Indeed, a short brim can perfectly address this issue. Furthermore, without exerting a downward force, the patchwork bucket cap can effortlessly maintain its original position. Consequently, you can be assured of its reliability as a quiet and unobtrusive companion. No need to be mischievous and invite unnecessary trouble.

Not only does this cap efficiently cover your forehead and enhance your facial appearance, but it also ensures your vision remains unobstructed. Thus, your safety is well-protected, thanks to this dependable little guard. Place your trust in this diligent little bodyguard, and you shall be pleasantly surprised by its capabilities.

With Excellent Technological Support

The technology of weaving marks is not uncommon, but its name is not well known by the world. So when it comes to weaving marks, it is difficult for the world to have a big reaction. In fact, this technology is used in our daily life. Once you understand what weaving marks are, you can easily find them everywhere. It is accompanied by us in obscurity. Such technology should not be buried. Let’s have a brief understanding of weaving marks. Let this poor and helpless little transparency be appreciated by everyone.

Woven Label

The weaving mark is woven on the garment and contains the cloth mark with words, letters, and LOGO patterns. It is generally used by garment factories, garment factories, and home textile factories when they produce, manufacture, process, or sell clothing and home textiles. This is used to distinguish the source of clothing and home textiles. The weaving mark consists of words, figures, letters, numbers, three-dimensional marks, color combinations, or combinations of the above elements. It is a sign of remarkable characteristics and a product of the modern economy.

The weaving mark is woven on the weaving mark machine by fixing the warp and using the weft to express words, figures, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs, color combinations, etc. It has excellent characteristics of high-end and firmness. And it has bright lines and a good soft feel.

Small Square Logo Design

Sometimes the logo does not need to occupy a large area to attract consumers’ attention. The logo design of this fisherman’s hat is relatively small and can still be noticed by consumers.

The logo pattern uses black as the background plate. The pattern is white. Choose a color with an opposite hue to enhance the visual stimulation, instead of the boring visual effect formed by the similar hue. This seems to be inconsistent with most logo design concepts. However, it does not affect the effect of highlighting the logo.

The logo is arranged left and right. The pattern in the middle is the trademark pattern of the brand. The letters on both sides are the brand name of this fisherman hat – Streeter. The height and width are roughly the same from left to right. The neat arrangement design adds bonus points to the logo.

woven label
woven label


This colorful fisherman’s hat is like a happy family with various colors. Share this patchwork bucket hat with your friends and relatives. Looking forward to a sunny day, you can take this patchwork bucket hat with you for an outing.