Patchwork Bucket Hat: Color-Contrasting Style

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Here, today we’re going to introduce a patchwork bucket hat from Streeter. Streeter is one brand from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a reliable and professional hat maker since 1998.

Bucket hats, the newest accessory that every fashionable must have, have been welcomed with a range of responses from fashionistas. What do you think, do you find them to be cute? Do you think they have pretty faces? Is this something that will just be a fad? I’ll be the first to admit that for a long time, I subscribed to the conventional wisdom that bucket hats are both unattractive and uncool. That is, up until the point when floral prints started appearing in clothing. My attention was quickly drawn to the wearer when they wore something that had an attractive design.

Practical Past, Fashionable Future

Even though they’re often the subject of humor, bucket hats aren’t considered fashionable by a lot of individuals. At the time, bucket hats were considered more practical than fashionable, and there weren’t a lot of different styles available to cater to a diverse variety of individuals’ aesthetic preferences. On the other hand, wearing bucket hats appears to be a fashionable choice that will continue to cause problems. It is impossible to take a stance that is impartial toward them.

Why Are Bucket Hats Trendy?

Therefore, why are they currently enjoying such widespread acclaim? The classic bucket hat style has been brought into conformity with contemporary fashion. The malleable structure and laid-back aesthetic allow you to create a unique look. There is a wide variety of colors, prints, and textures available now. Nerdy glasses can be adorable. They can also look cool. This makes them work for many styles.

A bucket hat is very versatile. You can wear it instead of a regular sun hat. Or you can wear it just to make your outfit more stylish. Since there are no rules for wearing a bucket hat, it’s a great accessory to have. Throwback styles are perfect for letting your hair down and reliving your younger years. A bucket hat is another option that is not difficult to obtain. This accessory is going to work well for you no matter what size you are or what gender you are.

Streeter patchwork bucket hat with a woven label SFG-210310-3
Streeter patchwork bucket hat with a woven label SFG-210310-3

Streeter Patchwork Bucket Hat

There are many bucket hats to choose from. But have you considered one with patchwork? Streeter makes hats. They have patchwork bucket hats you should check out. You may find you want another cool bucket hat for your closet someday.

1. Patchwork Trend

The patchwork technique has completely revolutionized the fashion business. Patchwork was originally used only as a method for recycling old fabric scraps; however, in the 1960s, under the influence of hippie culture, it began to make its way into both mainstream and high fashion. This approach has, up until this point in time, consistently garnered a lot of support in the realm of haute couture.

Distinctive Patchwork Designs

Patchwork clothes are characterized by the use of a range of distinct patterned panels that are stitched together. There has been a recent trend toward patchwork, which is more commonly connected with prints than actual textiles. The garment has its unique appearance thanks to the patchwork design, which entails strategically positioning printed textiles.

It is essential to make a differentiation between patchwork patterns and print-on-print designs. Both patchwork and print-on-print provide the wearer with a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns to choose from, so there isn’t much of a difference between the two in terms of how they allow the wearer to express themselves.

Streeter patchwork bucket hat with a woven label at the front SFG-210310-3
Streeter patchwork bucket hat with a woven label at the front SFG-210310-3

Artful Patchwork

Patchwork designs, on the other hand, are not layered; rather, they are made as one piece by stitching multiple pieces of printed cloth together to form a single unit using a combination of skill and imagination. At first glance, it may appear as though random bits of cloth were tossed together, but in reality, a great deal of time and effort was spent precisely matching and stitching together these pieces to form this classy ensemble. The result is a sophisticated ensemble.

2. Patchwork & Recycle

Making new clothing out of fabric that has seen better days or is no longer desired is an ingenious idea. Patchwork is a craft that encourages recycling in a manner that is also fashionable. Patchwork was designed from the ground up to make the most out of leftover pieces of cloth.

The United States of America throws away 11.1 million metric tons of apparel every year. Since patchwork is making a comeback, cities are collecting even the most tattered, damaged, and frayed clothes to reuse them. It is estimated that more than one million tons of textiles are thrown away annually in the United Kingdom, with at least half of them being recyclable.


Patchwork, being an art form that encourages recycling, is associated with several positive outcomes for the natural world. When worn fibers and textiles are recycled, there is no longer a need for the creation of new raw materials to be employed in the production of textiles (such as cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers). Because of this, manufacturing processes like dying, washing, and scouring are less likely to necessitate a significant amount of power and produce a significant amount of trash.

Patchwork: Fashion’s Comeback

There are no constraints placed on the methods that can be utilized when putting together a patchwork quilt. Patchwork designs are considered by many in the fashion business to be meaningless and a sloppy take on the print trend. Nevertheless, designers from all over the world have presented patchwork and been praised for doing so. In the past three years, patchwork has made a victorious return to the runways and stores worldwide. Multi-material outfits created from tartan, tweed, and even leather have won the hearts of countless shoppers, and this trend is expected to continue.

Streeter bright color patchwork bucket hat SFG-210310-3
Streeter bright color patchwork bucket hat SFG-210310-3

3. Patch Bucket Hat from Streeter

Therefore, the concept of patchwork is comparable to that of bucket hats in that it is interesting, eco-friendly, and laid-back all at the same time. The patchwork bucket hat sold by Streeter is available in a dizzying array of color combinations, ranging from pink and blue to orange and blue and green and pink and brown. When you put on this magnificent color palette, you will immediately become the focus of attention everywhere you go. The use of such vibrant hues in combination with other colors can not only produce a stunning visual shock that draws attention to a garment or accessory but can also draw attention to the wearer’s sense of style and taste. This can be accomplished by drawing attention to the garment or accessory itself.

colorful bucket cap
colorful bucket cap

4. Material – Cotton Twill

Unbrushed cotton twill is used for these patchwork bucket hats, in case you were curious about the type of fabric that is employed in their construction. The traditional twill pattern is used to weave this fabric, which gives it a consistent appearance while also providing more visual interest to the surface than a plain weave would. Consequently, this fabric is a twill. Cotton twill is an excellent option for use in the production of home design items such as cushions, shutters, and curtains due to its weight of 213 g/m2. Cotton twill is a natural material that takes printing extremely well, making it an excellent option for customers who want custom-printed clothing or other goods, such as custom pillow covers or curtains.

Advantages of Cotton Twill

Because of its uniform appearance and high level of surface interest, cotton twill is an excellent choice for products on which it is desirable to print either images or patterns as well as text (available area to print on). This assertion is supported by the exceptional ratings that it received in terms of its resistance to light.


This material not only lasts for a very long time but also has a wonderful weight and feel to it. The finished products are an indication of durability, and these can be things like furniture and textiles for the home, in addition to items of clothing like denim and jeans that are constructed to last for a long time.

There will be a significant amount of use of twill fabrics in the construction of workers’ uniforms. Because of its adaptability, cotton twill is an excellent choice for a large number of different applications.


Although cotton twill is a flexible fabric, there are certain applications for which it is not the most suitable choice. For example, rather than using a cotton twill weave, most undergarments are constructed using a plain weave.

logo and brim
logo and brim

5. Logo and Brim

After reading more about patchwork and twill cotton, you ought to have a strong urge to acquire this patchwork bucket hat. You get access to a great deal more information with this particular helmet in particular. Because the company’s logo is woven, the company employs woven logo technology.

The brim of this patchwork bucket hat is not very wide and is only a few centimeters long. A “stingy brim” is the name given to the rim of a hat that is extremely narrow. In most contexts, “short” refers to a length of between one and two inches. One might refer to this on its own as a particular style. In addition, it functions quite well for a miniature frame.

In the End

Finally, I’m curious to hear your opinion on this patchwork bucket hat once you’ve had some time to examine it. If you’ve never bought a bucket hat before but want to give this new style a shot, it will almost immediately give you a cool, urban vibe. Or, if you already have a bucket hat, you should keep your options open so that you can complement it with a variety of other items from your collection. Even if you have more information about bucket hats, you will be able to choose the material and style of your bucket hats that are most suited.

These days, bucket hats have made a comeback as a trendy accessory. You might not be sure which kind of bucket hat to buy, but after perusing the Streeter website, you will be able to make an informed decision. If you want to give off an air of coolness and sophistication at the same time, this patchwork bucket hat is without a doubt the headwear choice you should go with.