Retro Brown Bucket Hat with the Ancient Egyptian Classical Style

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we’re going to introduce a brown bucket hat from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a reliable and professional hat maker since 1998.

Timeless Fusion: Ancient Egyptian-Inspired Bucket Hat

No matter how The Times change, modern fashion design is always inseparable from the influence of traditional clothing. This is because the development of things always links the past and the future as people always have nostalgia, and recall psychology and emotional factors to express national feelings.

Among the four ancient civilizations of the world, in addition to Chinese history, which has the longest and most shining history, there is another ancient country that was more glorious than ancient China for a time, that is, ancient Egypt. The brown bucket hat we bring to you today is full of ancient Egyptian classics.

Mysterious Egypt: A Cloaked Enigma

Egypt, like a veiled maiden, is at once mysterious and illusory. When it comes to Egypt, people’s first reaction is the camel, the desert, the pyramids, and these Egyptian elements. The abundance of elements in a region must affect their dress. Ancient Egypt is located in the northeast of Africa and the geographical location is very good. Because of the flood and accumulation of fertile soil, the Nile Valley brought rich products to local people.

The abundance of linen, cotton, silk, and leather provided the ancient Egyptians with abundant raw materials for clothing. For the ancient Egyptians, clothing reflected the hierarchical nature of ancient Egyptian society, highlighting the differences between different social classes. And today’s bucket hat is one of the classic items. Before we go into details, let’s look at the history and the style of the pattern on this bucket hat.

Evolution of Egyptian Fashion: From Linen Luxury to Cultural Inspiration

It was not until the 18th Dynasty, with the great changes in religious beliefs and cultural exchanges and integration, that new styles of clothing became popular. Because of the climate and soil, linen became the main raw material for ancient Egyptians to wear.

Although textile technology at that time had reached a level of sophistication, the supply of cloth was limited due to production capacity. So only a few aristocrats could enjoy the most high-end clothing. In the New Kingdom period, with the continuous development of the economy and the influence of the communication and integration of different cultures, ancient Egyptian clothing had new changes.

So far, the costume culture of ancient Egypt almost reached its peak. The ancient Egyptian clothing culture has provided many inspirations for modern clothing. For centuries, Egyptian culture has been a source of inspiration for the art and architecture of later peoples. They also have a good representation of clothing, the dazzling, elaborate designs that come to mind whenever one thinks of Egyptian clothing.

Egyptian Clothing Legacy: Shaping Modern Fashion

The most direct influence of ancient Egyptian clothing on modern clothing is mainly reflected in clothing shape, color, fabric, accessories, and so on. Modern fashion designs, many of them make full use of the clothing culture and clothing elements left over from ancient Egypt, such as wedding dresses.

There are a lot of applications on them. The shape of ancient Egyptian clothing is simple, but the change of folds forms a rich three-dimensional layer and light and shade effect, which is an important means to constitute the charm of ancient Egyptian clothing. Clothing accessories are often combined with hieroglyphics, which is also a feature of ancient Egyptian art.

In modern design, we often pursue consistency, coordination, and order. In many typical fashion designs, we can see that there are only simple lines and folds, but the whole garment shows a very sense of hierarchy and order.

Aung Crown casual brown bucket hat with a leather patch KN2102221
Aung Crown casual brown bucket hat with a leather patch KN2102221

Modernizing Ancient Fashion

Nowadays, people yearn for a life sentiment that is simple, comfortable, delicate, and elegant. At the same time, modern people actively seek out simple, elegant, and youthful ancient Egyptian clothing that is rich in shape as a desired style, without wanting to appear too mature themselves.

The costume design masters gave new meaning to ancient Egyptian costume art and became a new fashion trend. With the development of material civilization and spiritual civilization, the level and concept of dressing have been greatly improved. People no longer blindly pursue fashion but pay more and more attention to classical clothing and cultural elements.

Egyptian Chic: Fashion’s Historical Revival

Egyptian culture and elements, when applied to our clothing in this day and age, give a different style from other fashion trends. The historical significance and unique symbolic elements of Egypt are of great help to costume design. Just like the rise of the Han Chinese clothing trend in recent years, Han Chinese clothing is both colorful and historical.

When a kind of clothing cannot only achieve an excellent appearance but also have inherent connotation charm. To some extent, it is destined to become the top of the fashion trend. There are more and more examples of Egyptian culture applied in costume design, and the products created are endless. As a member of today’s society, it is of course necessary to try this style of clothing if you want to follow the trend and make yourself fashionable.

Aung Crown brown bucket hat at the side KN2102221
Aung Crown brown bucket hat at the side KN2102221

Egyptian Elegance Unveiled: Aung Crown’s Exquisite Brown Bucket Hat

Egyptian culture is alien to many people. That makes a lot of people worried. For example, what if you can’t handle this style, what if the price is too high, what if the cost performance is too low?

So it is necessary to choose an accessory in this style. You can not only understand the Egyptian style of clothing culture but also enjoy the elegance and art brought by this style. This Egyptian-inspired bucket hat from Aung Crown is a perfect first choice. With so many introductions about the history of this classic style, now it’s time for us to walk into the details of this casual and fashionable brown bucket hat.

Color Scheme

The designer used brown as its color scheme. Just look at the design of the hat, the strong Egyptian style can be felt immediately. The designer used a lighter color to paint multiple camel designs on a brown background. The camel, the most trusted helper in the desert, is one of the most representative elements in Egyptian culture.

On the one hand, the vivid image and color of the camel are more suitable for brown bucket hats. On the other hand, the firm and steady character of the camel itself is also consistent with the style of the whole product.

Aung Crown brown bucket hat with a short-narrow brim KN2102221
Aung Crown brown bucket hat with a short-narrow brim KN2102221

Microfiber Fabric

In Egyptian clothing culture, the fabric of clothing is the strictest. Different classes could use different fabrics, and the clothing design adopted by the Egyptian nobility was also the best, which led to the fact that clothing with excellent appearance must have good fabrics. This brown bucket hat continues this culture, using excellent microfiber fabric to make this product. It is a fine grinding finish after dyeing.

The fabric surface produces a tight covering of about 0.2 mm of short velvet, like the surface of a peach. The fabric is named microfiber because of its novel and elegant appearance and comfortable feel.

Microfiber products are imitation leather fabrics developed after artificial suede products. A kind of thin fabric that is composed of microfiber. Also, a novel thin pile fabric of microfiber fabric.

Artificial suede is derived from a process that does not involve wet-processing with polyurethane, resulting in a softer texture. And because it is shorter, the surface can hardly see the fluff but the skin can feel it. Thus the feel and appearance are more delicate and chicer.

Soft & Elegant Microfiber: The Ultimate Hat Fabric

Microfiber is soft and elegant, giving consumers a sense of novelty compared to artificial suede. The unique manufacturing process and raw materials of microfiber give this bucket hat many features. The soft shine and delicate feel make microfiber clothing more comfortable, even for intimate items like hats. The waterproof performance of microfiber is also excellent in the fabric category.

Hats made with microfiber can even be used as rain hats. Waterproof doesn’t mean it’s not breathable, and microfiber has the advantage of being breathable. Whether the fabric is breathable or not, is closely related to the comfort of the clothing produced, especially the hat. If the fabric is not breathable, it will bring a bad experience to the wearer. Microfiber is a great way to avoid this.

Versatile Microfiber: Summer-Friendly, Design-Enhancing, and Easy to Maintain

While microfiber may sound like a fluffy fabric, it’s perfectly suitable for summer wear due to its unique short fabric. In addition to the practical benefits, microfiber is also a great help in product design. Microfiber feels better than other fabrics. Whether it’s color design or pattern design, the effect on microfiber is much better.

Many people find lint difficult to clean, but microfiber doesn’t have that drawback. Because of its unique fleece structure, microfiber is not only as warm as other fleece fabrics but also easier to clean and lighter. With this fabric, designers can not only improve the user experience of consumers but also show their designs on the appearance of products more comprehensively.

inner design
inner design

Distinctive Egyptian-style Clothing: Attention to Detail

In addition to the distinctive temperament and elements, details on the other aspects are also the most important feature of Egyptian-style clothing. The pyramid as we know it looks grand and majestic, but a close study reveals how detailed the gaps between the blocks that make it are. Not only does the brown bucket hat look great but the designer has also done a flawless job of detailing it.

The most detailed and designed aspect of a hat is the logo. The logo of this bucket hat is simple but not lacking in design. The designer used a motif similar to a desert stroke-tumbleweed as the base, on which the brand’s name was added. This will not only show the style of the hat but also can play a great role in brand publicity. It has to be mentioned that the narrow brim design has made this brown bucket hat gain a lot of good reputation.

Luxurious Leather Logos

The brown color of the logo comes from the raw material itself. That’s why the logo works so well with the hat. Designers have a knack for using leather patches to make logos. The first is the unique material of leather. Leather is non-perishable animal skin that has been denatured by physical and chemical processing such as hair removal and other techniques.

Leather is composed of natural protein fibers tightly woven in three-dimensional space. Its surface has a special grain layer, which has a natural grain and shines and feels comfortable. The history and weight of leather are inherent. The reason is that leather is one of the earliest clothing materials in human history. In addition to the simple and heavy sense, the high quality is also the reason why people love it.

The high quality of leather, tough and sharp makes it become a synonym for fashion trends. Almost every show has leather clothes. Logos made of thick leather are even better. The leather itself brings temperament that other fabrics do not have. When used in the trademark, the trademark exudes a unique high-level sense of leather.

leather patch
leather patch

Long-lasting Branding: Leather Patches for Lasting Impressions

In addition to these seemingly illusory advantages, leather’s incredible quality is rare. Its durability is almost unique in the material world. Logos made out of leather last longer, which is also a great help for branding.

Besides, it’s easy to design on leather. The leather patch is plastic and easy to dye so the leather patch can be used for embossing technology and screen-printing technology. The two technologies are different. The impression should be more three-dimensional, and the produced trademark has the same high-level texture as leather.

Although there is no unique temperament for the silkscreen leather patches, the color pattern that can be designed is much more. The logo of this hat is embossed. There are two reasons for using this technology, on the one hand, the culture of the hat itself doesn’t need too much color. On the other hand, the impression gives the logo a texture that fits better with the design and fabric of the hat itself.


Whether it’s the unique pattern element design of the hat, the choice of fabric, or its exacting attention to detail, all those details represent the designer’s great use of Egyptian style in this hat. This is the perfect piece for those who are looking for elegant yet easygoing, classic yet fashionable styles. And it’s time for you to get this brown bucket hat with the ancient Egyptian classical style.