Tie-Dye Bucket Hat: Colorful Tie-dye Colorful Life

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Here today, we’re going to introduce a tie dye bucket hat from Aung Crown, Aung Crown is a reliable and professional hat maker since 1998.

Aung Crown tie dye bucket hat with 3D embroidery letters KN2103014
Aung Crown tie dye bucket hat with 3D embroidery letters KN2103014

Vibrant Tie-Dye Fashion

Flowers, colors, and other elements have always been the fashion elements that designers bring to summer. There is always a variety of fashion elements in summer, and there is more freedom to dress in summer than in any other season. From clothing styles to color combinations, summer is definitely the most abundant season.

The abundance of colors in summer has led to the emergence of many new fashion elements. The product we bring to you today is a colorful tie-dye bucket hat that is suitable for you to wear in the colorful summer.

Trend Alert: Tie-Dyeing Process Unveiled in Fashion World

In fact, in recent years, no matter the major brands of ready-to-wear design, hipsters love to wear single pieces. Tie-dye elements appear frequently and become a common fashion element in summer. The tie-dyeing process is divided into two parts: tying and dyeing.

It is through yarn, thread, rope, and other tools, the fabric is tied, stitched, tied, clipped and other forms of the combination after dyeing. The purpose of this method is to prevent dyeing on the tied part of the fabric so that the tied part can keep its original color and the untied part can be evenly dyed. Thus forming uneven depth, rich layers of color halo, and wrinkle. The tighter and stronger the fabric is tied, the better the anti-dyeing effect is.

Tie-Dye Crafts: Naive, Unique, and Symbolic of Peace

It can be dyed into ordinary tie-dyed fabric with regular patterns; and can also be dyed to show the concrete pattern of the complex composition and a variety of beautiful colors of handicrafts, naive and primitive, novel and unique. In the case of not rich colors in ancient times, tie dye mostly used blue and white as the main color collocation.

The quiet and peaceful world formed by the two colors of blue and white is mainly composed of the contrast of the two colors to create the connotation of simplicity, and the combination of the two colors often gives people a sense of simplicity like “blue and white porcelain”. At the same time, peace and tolerance are more reflected in the tie-dye technique.

Timeless Art: The Rich History of Tie-Dyeing

Tie-dyeing is actually a very old skill. As far back as the Southern and Northern Dynasties, tie-dye products were widely used in women’s clothing. In Tang poetry, we can see that the most popular dress for women at that time is to wear “valerian” ( tie-dyed). At that time, after tie-dyeing technology was introduced to Japan, Japan also regarded Chinese tie-dyeing technology as a national treasure. Up to now, in the “Todaiji Temple” in Japan, there is still the colorful tangerine of the Tang Dynasty.

Revived Tie-Dye: A Colorful Renaissance

After learning the history of the tie-dye technique, you must have been interested in this technology, right? With the progress of science and technology and the change in people’s lifestyles and concepts, tie-dye, a unique and emotional art form, has come into people’s vision again.

It abandoned the cold steel and cement and the secular light, once again blazing flames. Also, absorbs the essence of fashion design and a variety of fashion cultures. With high-tech, it gradually breaks the old rules, making the combination of tie-dye and clothing more colorful and gorgeous enchanting.

Expressive Tie-Dye: A Unique Fashion Language

To a great extent, tie-dyeing highlights its personality and function with natural, casual, plain, publicity, attention, unique aesthetic characteristics, and its connotation and meaning. These kinds of techniques also make up for the mechanical production of large industrial machinery, monotonous, same, indifferent, and lacking the human touch.

In order to cater to and meet the psychological needs of consumers, this tie-dye bucket hat creates a variety of fashion cultures and visual styles, becoming an important symbol of The Times. Therefore, tie-dye has been involved in various fields of our life, and a large number of facts show that. The unique technique of tie-dyeing has become the unique language of fashion.

It can be seen from the application of tie-dye in clothing in various shows that there are few concrete patterns and complex patterns in the application of tie-dye patterns. Most of them are presented with free, random, abstract, freehand, asymmetrical, and irregular patterns. More in line with today’s fashion trends, but also more unpredictable and intriguing.

Aung Crown tie dye bucket hat with embroidery eyelets KN2103014
Aung Crown tie dye bucket hat with embroidery eyelets KN2103014

Digital Tie-Dye: Bridging Tradition and Innovation

With the rapid development of modern digital printing technology, digital tie-dye printing has been introduced. Its appearance is a step forward in the industrialization process of tie-dye clothing.

At the same time, it also brings a certain impact to traditional tie-dyeing. To some extent, digital tie-dye printing is also an expression of the pursuit of natural and casual tie-dye, but the tie-dye process is unique. Is its uniform mass production incomparable? Of course not.

Unleash Your Style: Tie-Dye Bucket Hat Collocation Tips

Now let’s go to the details about the collocations of today’s tie-dye bucket hat and walk into a colorful life with those collocations.

Tie-dye technology contains rich elements, which is very consistent with the diversity of summer elements. This is why tie-dye has become one of the most iconic summer fashion elements in recent years. Wear clothes designed with tie-dye, the summer atmosphere will be very strong. If you are interested in summer style with a strong Chinese taste but still fashionable, tie-dye products are definitely something you should try.

You can create a unique summer look with a tie-dye bucket hat, and try not to choose large clothes such as tops. As we have said before, tie-dye elements are relatively rich in color. If clothing with a large area is chosen to carry tie-dye, the overall tie-dye will be too complicated. The best option is to use a tie-dyed hat as a style leader. The hat is small and in the most eye-catching position, which will not produce a complicated visual sense and can show the style at a glance.

Colorful Life: Tie-Dye Bucket Hat Delight

This Aung Crown tie-dye bucket hat is a great choice for a summer style. It is also a good item for you to form a colorful life. Most of the traditional tie-dyeing colors are single-color tie-dyeing, and blue and white single-color tie-dyeing is the most common, which is closely related to the old economic conditions and technological techniques.

Now, tie dye gradually get rid of the shackles of single-color tie dye and the multi-color phenomenon has been the norm. In the meantime, different hues and purity of color collocation have become the mainstream of color tie-dye. It produces a hazy implicit, unpredictable colorful color phenomenon, that is difficult to surpass other clothing.

colorful hats
colorful hats

Now Let’s Walk into the Details of Today’s Bucket Hat

The color collocation of this tie-dye bucket hat vividly reflects the influence caused by the change of color from single to multiple in the tie-dyeing process. Designers use white as the base, with purple, red, yellow, and green colors to form a tie-dye picture.

The design ideas are obscure, but the elements are just right. The personality of the whole hat is also revealed. Cloth is the carrier of tie-dyeing. Without textiles, there would be no cloth and silk brocade. Without such carriers, it would be impossible to have any dyeing art on it.

Vibrant Tie-Dye Bucket Hat: Embrace a Colorful Life

Even if the tie-dye process is excellent, the quality of the fabric carrying it is also very important. This tie-dye bucket hat uses a cotton twill material as the fabric of the whole hat. Grain cotton refers to the fabric woven by twill weaving, the general material is cotton fabric. At the same time, the surface of the twill fabric is fuller, so the usual washing of the twill fabric will not shrink. Moreover, twill cotton is denser than other fabrics.

It has large yarn consumption and good wear resistance, that’s why it is favored by people. The twill cotton fabric has to go through the warp and weft, and it is interwoven at least once every two yarns, so the cloth woven with twill is thicker and stronger than the flat weave, and the three-dimensional sense of organization is stronger than the flat weave.

At the same time, the gloss of this tie-dye bucket hat is really good and you will feel very soft when you touch it. The elasticity is better than the plain stripe, and the appearance looks classier than it too.

Fabric: Cotton Twill Fabric

1. Hygroscopic

The first advantage of cotton twill fabric is that it is very hygroscopic. Under normal conditions, the fiber can absorb water into the surrounding atmosphere. Its moisture content is 8-10%, so it touches the skin and makes people feel soft and not stiff.

If the humidity of cotton cloth increases and the surrounding temperature is higher, all the water contained in the fiber will evaporate and disperse, making the fabric maintain a state of water balance, and making people feel comfortable. The excellent moisture absorption also makes the hat made of this fabric avoid the problem that the hat is easy to damp the hair.

2. Insulation

However, because cotton fiber is a bad conductor of heat and electricity, the heat conduction coefficient is very low, and because cotton fiber itself has the advantages of being porous and having high elasticity, a lot of air can be stored between the fibers. The air is a bad conductor of heat and electricity; therefore, cotton twill fabric is made of good insulation property, and wearing cotton fabric clothes make people feel warm. This fabric makes the hat better insulated.

3. Heat-Resistance

The heat resistance of pure cotton fabrics is good. When the temperature is below 110℃/230℉, it will only cause moisture evaporation on the fabric and will not damage the fiber. So there is no effect on the fabric when you are wearing, washing, and tie-dyeing at room temperature. This function can help improve the washable and wearable performance of pure cotton fabrics.

Cotton twill fabric resistance is strong. When the cotton fiber is in an alkali solution, the fiber will not be damaged. This property is conducive to pollution after washing, disinfection, and removal of impurities, but also can be dyed and printed on cotton textiles in order to produce more new varieties of cotton weaving. Therefore, there is no need to worry too much about the quality of the clothes made with this fabric, and the cost performance of the products will be very high.

3D embroidery letters
3D embroidery letters

Logo-Enhanced Tie Dye Bucket Hat

Although this tie-dye bucket hat is not short of elements, tie-dye is rich in color elements. If the single use of tie-dye as a product appearance design, it will be relatively monotonous. So it is necessary to increase the design of other elements, such as lines and other pattern designs.

The designers of this product use the logo to solve this problem. The logo of this product is simply designed using the brand name. The pure white base fits in with the whole hat, adding elements without breaking the balance of the overall color elements of the bucket hat.

3D Edge Embroidery: The Art of Texture and Style

The making process of a Logo is as worth understanding as the tie-dye process. This strong presence and excellent texture of the logo are made by 3D embroidery. The exquisite and unique 3D edge embroidery craft is visible, and the touch embroidery craft has been a hot style for years. The cross between the thread and the fabric is brought together into a complete pattern.

This method is often used for small-area LOGO customization. It has a simple style and highlights the sense of texture and high class. This process has many advantages. Compared with other computer embroideries, although the cost is more, its quality is guaranteed. The lifetime of this bucket hat is also relatively long. Not only does it last a long time, but it’s also very colorful.

Vibrant Life Bucket Hat: Unleashing Colors Beyond Imagination

As the title goes, this is a colorful bucket hat that can bring you a colorful life. It can depict colors that cannot be described by other printing methods. Whether it is from thick to light, from light to thick, or thick and light. The use of LOGO embroidery can be shown in the image With a strong sense of three-dimensional.

For other LOGO printing methods, the use of embroidery can better highlight the three-dimensional nature of the LOGO pattern, whether from the visual or from the feel, it has a strong three-dimensional sense all the time. The ability to enhance the appearance of the product is much higher than other flat embroideries. The unique three-dimensional embroidered logo adds a great deal of uniqueness to the overall plane of the color elements. This is the charm of the combination of modern and traditional craftsmanship.

In the End

There is no doubt that this product is excellent in both traditional and modern techniques. This is also the most difficult to pursue, with both traditional charm and fashion trends. Use this tie-dye bucket hat to match the summer wear and create your colorful life. Summer elements are rich and harmonious, with gorgeous color without loss of high class. If you want to be on the cutting edge of summer trends, this tie dye bucket hat is the perfect partner.