Rocking the Bucket Hat: A Look at Hip-Hop’s Headwear History

Published On: May 28, 2024    By: chen hui

Rocking the Bucket Hat - A Look at Hip-Hop's Headwear History

Bucket hats are popular and become mainstream in recent years, attracting a lot of people. Here we – Aung Crown, a professional bucket hat manufacturer since 1998, will show you how to rock a bucket hat.

Icon Style

Icon Style

The hip-hop style in the picture above is cool and stylish. If you are a hip-hop style lover, it’s an example of learning from Vava, a Chinese rapper. It’s pretty cool and spirited to choose a bucket hat over a baseball cap, and it can emphasize a woman’s masculinity.

Icon Style-01

The celebrity – Rahana, wore the hip-hop style and she is also one of the representatives of the hip-hop style. It never goes wrong to create a hip-hop look with a bucket hat and a contoured coat. So, you can easily create a look in the chic style.

Icon Style-02

The styles of Diva and Vava are similar. The pink bucket hat is the highlight of the whole black outfit and the silver coat can emphasize the styling of the whole look. The silver detailing is also eye-catching.

Bucket Hats + Shirts

There is fresh matching for bucket hats. When combined with shirts, the whole look is simple yet cute. Once you combine with the right colors, there is no problem with that.

Bucket Hats + Shirts - 01

The knit bucket hat above is specially designed for cold fall and winter. What’s more, the shape and style of this bucket hat is different from other bucket hats. The knitted texture is softer, while combined with loose shirts, the whole look is quite slouchy.

Bucket Hats + Shirts - 02

The milky bucket hat is paired with a brown ethical shirt for an exotic look. Also, a great combination for vacations. Also, the denim pants can add a sense of casualness, and the high-waisted and tight jeans can make you look slim.

Bucket Hats + Shirts - 03

Striped shirts should be hot this summer and a black bucket hat is a versatile yet fashionable accessory. Stuff the striped shirt can make the legs look longer, which is full of Korean chic style.

Bucket Hats + Hoodies/Sweatshirts

A baggy sweatshirt can also create a hip-hop look, which is a necessary accessory. Once you choose the right color, you can easily create a cool look.

Bucket Hats + Hoodies,Sweatshirts -01

The combination of bucket hats and sweatshirts with printed logos is more personal. The loose and cropped sweatshirt combined with high-waisted denim pants can make the leg look longer.

Bucket Hats + Hoodies,Sweatshirts -02

White bucket hats are paired with the same-colored sweatshirts, which is also a perfect combo. In general, loose sweatshirts with a sense of hip-hop style are combined with white sneakers and high-tube socks that look simple with full details. You can also match the color of your hat.

Bucket Hats + Hoodies,Sweatshirts -03

A boyfriend-style sweatshirt is paired with a turtleneck inner layer and finished with a knit bucket hat that can magnify feminism. In addition, paired with the trendy brick red pants can add a sense of cuteness.

Bucket Hats + Suspender Pants

Suspender pants are the best outfit to make you look younger this summer, paired with a bucket hat, you can be full of college spirit. Loose pants are also a popular trend this year.

Bucket Hats + Suspender Pants -01

The same color combination never goes wrong. The beige bucket hat combined with beige suspender pants can enhance the freshness. A blue inner T-shirt can make the whole look cute and stylish at the same time.

Bucket Hats + Suspender Pants -02

The grid element is popular throughout the year, so grid pants are great outfits to create college and young looks. The inner layer chooses a white outfit, that’s enough for the whole look. A black bucket hat can enhance your confidence and make the entire look fresh and simple.

Bucket Hats + Suspender Pants -03

The ripped suspender pants are full of street sense, combined with a long sleeve and mesh shirt, which can neutralize the masculinity of the ripped suspender pants. The black bucket hats can be a perfect combination with the hairstyle and make you look longer.

Bucket Hats + Jackets/Coats

Contoured jackets or coats are the must-have outfits to create hip-hop looks, especially when wearing a jacket. It never goes wrong to wear a jacket when creating a hip-hop look. A bucket hat can neutralize the ruggedness of the jacket and make the whole look feminine.

Bucket Hats + Jackets - 01

The printed jacket combined with a black and white inner layer can make the whole look not too bright without being too over the top. Also, the black bucket hat can echo the cropped top and the printed jacket can add a sense of vintage trend.

Bucket Hats + Jackets - 02

The denim jacket can create a sense of laziness, combined with an over-long white shirt, which can make the whole look more layered. In addition, the black bucket hat can make the face look smaller.

Bucket Hats + Jackets - 03

The boyfriend-style denim jacket is full of street style sense, combined with a long beige skirt to neutralize the masculinity of the boyfriend-style jacket to make the whole look more feminine. What’s more, the mesh bucket hat can be in line with the latest popular trend.  

Bucket Hats + Long Outfits

Bucket hats can be paired not only with short outfits but also with long outfits – full of atmosphere. Once you choose the right color, you can easily create a chic look with a bucket hat.

Bucket Hats + Long Outfits - 01

Although the long black coat and the cropped t-shirt can make the whole look lively, the black-green mesh pants combined with them seem to lack a highlight. However, the combination with a yellow bucket hat can make the whole look not boring.

Bucket Hats + Long Outfits - 02

The black inner layer and denim pants can show off the curves of your body. Also, the long, contoured coat doesn’t make the whole look bloated, and paired with a black bucket hat, the whole look is pretty handsome.

Bucket Hats + Long Outfits - 03

This long white shirt with roll-up cuffs is full of stylish laziness, combined with a bucket hat that can change the face. Moreover, such a combination is more literary.

After all, it’s easy to create a hip-hop look with a bucket hat. Whether you want to create a hip-hop look or a casual look, a bucket hat makes it easy.