Different Crafts for Different Styles of Hats

Published On: May 27, 2024    By: chen hui

Different Crafts for Different Styles of Hats

Custom logos on hats are a fashionable accessory and a powerful statement. Whether you want to show off your favorite teams to promote your brand or add a personalized look to your headwear, custom logos on hats are the best choice for you.

Custom logos on hats

There are many choices when customizing logos and different styles will use different sub-fabrics and crafts. Each style has different emphasis points. The crafts are used to determine the final shapes and patterns.

Here, we – Aung Crown, a professional and experienced hat manufacturer, will introduce 5 popular kinds of workmanship for logo customization.


1.       Embroidery

Embroidery is the main processing for custom logos, and the most common embroidery is flat embroidery and 3D embroidery. In general, quality embroidery patterns are clear and fine with solid and reliable stitching, which is a big plus when decorating the hat. Usually, large manufacturers are equipped with embroidery workshops to improve the efficiency of embroidery.  


2.    Printing

The common printing method is mortar printing, which has the best presentation effect among most prints. Making small patterns with luster and three-dimensional sense, and showing a sense of nobility.

Heat transfer

3.    Heat transfer

Heat transfer is adopted with high-temperature printing to transfer patterns on the rubberized fabric, then transfer to the hat. The pattern of heat transfer is bright, clear, and colorful, which is a premium printing method.

golden hot screen printing

4.    Golden hot screen printing

The same theory as the heat transfer process to transfer patterns to fabrics. The difference is that golden hot screen printing has a metal luster, which is gorgeous and luxurious.

drip molding process

5.    Drip molding process

The drip molding process is by heating plastic polymer materials under the liquid states to design the shape and curing and molding under the normal temperature. The surface bulge of the drip molding process is smooth and bright, which has a very beautiful effect.

classic design to modern style

From classic design to modern style, different logos processed by different crafts have created continuous vitality and energy for many ordinary hats to help people find their dressing styles and their charms and personalities.