Satin Lined Baseball Cap

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we’re going to introduce a black satin lined baseball cap from Streeter that belongs to Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker founded in 1998 with almost 25 years of experience.

Why do we need a baseball cap?

It is common to see many people wearing their caps on the street. A cap is quite essential for everyone’s wardrobe. Hats have conveyed different cultures in different regions, which is especially important in Western culture. As hats were a symbol of social status in the past. Whether you are a man or woman and how old are you, you also could choose a cap to adorn yourself and present your own fashionable style or just to prevent the sun and keep warm.


the front side of the satin lined baseball cap KN2102212
the front side of the satin lined baseball cap KN2102212

Streeter Satin Lined Baseball Cap

Among all kinds of hats, a baseball cap owns its special attractions and is popular around the world. Here a great satin-lined baseball cap from Streeter would be recommended for you in this article.

Basic Product Information

Brand: Streeter

Name: baseball cap

Fabric: Interior-pure cotton; Exterior-satin

Circumference: 58cm/22.83 inches

Color: Black

Who can wear this baseball cap?

Unlike other caps which is only for one certain gender, this cap is designed for both male and female. You can wear this cap with your girlfriend/boyfriend together. In addition, the circumference of this cap is 58 cm/22.83 inches which is suitable for most grown people. Even in some situations where you would like to adjust the size. You also could use the “tri-glide” adjustable buckle to change it.

Which scene is this baseball hat mainly for?

First, you should know the origin of a baseball cap. Baseball caps are developed along with baseball. Players wear hats to prevent the sun at the beginning of the game. Due to its particularity, the brim of the hat is longer to block the sun from shining on the eyes and get a better grade. As a result, the earliest baseball cap was created. So definitely, this baseball hat can be used when you are exercising outside on a sunny day.

Nowadays, due to the wider American culture, it has become a part of the world’s popular culture. And it is not limited to baseball games. Everyone can wear a baseball cap anytime and anywhere, especially in some casual situations. You could wear this baseball cap for just a short going out to 7-11 stores over the block or just a simple lunch.

From the picture above, the whole appearance of this baseball cap is clearly present. As it shows, the entire body is black. It is known to all that a black color can go with most colors, so this cap is well-matched. Another thing, the embroidery pattern is catching everyone’s eye. This punk-style pattern also offers another perspective to complete your cloth matching. Also, shows some rebellion and independence in your mind just like the punk spirit.

the inner taping and sweatband of the satin lined baseball cap KN2102212
the inner taping and sweatband of the satin lined baseball cap KN2102212

Six selling points of this satin-lined baseball cap

Here are six selling points that are listed below. These can help you to realize this product well and understand the efforts put into it.

Satin fabric

Satin fabric is a special fabric. Its appearance is similar to silk goods which are strongly bright and smooth. The aesthetics of satin fabric is very good, it has a strong gloss and drape. Therefore, it is a good choice to make pajamas, women’s clothing, underwear, etc. Satin fabric is highly breathable, so wearing clothes made of this fabric will not feel stuffy, and is widely loved by consumers. Therefore, the satin fabric chosen for this baseball cap is thoughtful and caring.

However not only above features of satin fabric are considered, but its particular work in the style and construction of this cap also can’t be neglected at all. Satin fabric is used in the front panels, the brim, and the top button. From the front view, this shining and glossy baseball cap can greatly catch people’s eyes. Also, claim your own excellent fashionable sense. Meanwhile, this glossy surface would help you a lot when you clean it and only need a quick wipe.

the horizontal side of the satin lined baseball cap KN2102212
the horizontal side of the satin lined baseball cap KN2102212

Curved plastic brim

A typical cap may include a portion of the head covering known as the “crown” and a flange known as the ” brim.” You can see that the crown of our baseball cap is not very wide. And the brim is not very arched, so this hat is also suitable for people with different face shapes. Our hat with a curved plastic brim will go well with any face shape.

There are some suggestions for you on how to pick a suitable baseball cap.

There are three main types of human faces: square shapes, round shapes, and pointed shapes. Wearing a bowler hat on a round face makes the face look bigger and the hat smaller, while wearing a wide peaked cap is more appropriate for the round. A person with a pointed face will appear thinner if he/she wears a peaked cap. Therefore, it is more appropriate for him/her to wear a round hat.

The baseball cap for tall people should be large rather than small ones, otherwise, large ones will give people the feeling of being light-headed and heavy-footed. Short people are the opposite. Tall women should not wear tall baseball caps, or people will be given the impression that they have grown taller again. Short girls should not wear flat-topped wide-brimmed baseball caps, which will make them look even shorter.

In addition, the material of the brim is equally important as its curvature. For this baseball cap, a kind of resilient plastic is chosen for the brim which is difficult to deform and tends to keep its shape until the end of this satin-lined baseball cap. Due to the special trait of this material, this baseball hat would be more durable and have a long time to play its role.

Six-Panel Structured Baseball Cap

In the beginning, let’s learn some basic knowledge about a baseball cap. A baseball cap is a general term. Through the differences in the front panel, the front lining, and the brim, the hat name will also vary from one to one. The crown of a baseball cap is generally composed of five or six panels, so a baseball cap is also called a five-panel cap or a six-panel cap.

The front panel of the five-panel cap is a whole piece, and it goes from the top opening to the 1/3 position. For the six-panel cap, its left front one and right front one are stitched together. From the picture above, it is clear to know that this baseball hat is a six-panel hat, and compared with a five-panel hat, it has a fairly firm structure which is not easy to be pressed into a different shape. At the same time, a six-panel hat relatively owns a more solid figure for a better adornment of people’s head shapes.

the back side of the satin lined baseball cap KN2102212
the back side of the satin lined baseball cap KN2102212

Tri-glide adjustable buckle

In the picture provided for you, the silver tie-glide buckle totally shows up.

Usually, the hook-and-loop closure is more widely used to adjust cap size at the tail of the hat. It contains two parts: on one side are small, soft fibers with loops, and on the other side are stiffer and spiny hooks. These two sides can lock together to fix the cap. Although the hook-and-loop is convenient, its short life span and firmness cannot completely ensure. Sometimes many awkward situations would take place when it naturally unlocks itself.

You can assume that when you are enjoying a bowl of delicious noodles and then suddenly the hook-and-loop get loose, the hat falls down into your bowl and ruins your good emotion and your lunch. However, this tri-glide adjustable buckle can avoid these annoying cases. Its tri-glide shape is more fixed and harder to get loose. You also can use the holes on the other side to adjust this baseball cap’s size to make it more comfortable for yourself. In addition, this adjustable buckle is made of metal, which is quite secure and does not easily broke at all. At the same time, this shining thing also can improve the cap’s aesthetic work.

the front side of the satin lined baseball cap KN2102212
the front side of the satin lined baseball cap KN2102212

3D embroidery LOGO

Three-dimensional embroidery is a kind of embroidery that uses special wool thread on three-dimensional embroidery fabrics to express or reflect the three-dimensional effect of objects according to the designed steps. Three-dimensional stitch and cross stitch both belong to DIY embroidery, the biggest difference is that cross stitch is a flat embroidery without three-dimensional effects, so three-dimensional embroidery is a sublimation on the basis of the continuation of cross stitch.

Effect of 3D Embroidery

Three-dimensional embroidery has a stronger three-dimensional visual enjoyment and richer aesthetics of home decoration effects. So, in order to improve the delicacy of this satin-lined baseball hat and give a better visual and tactile effect on it, three-dimensional is technically applied. Besides, a painstaking effort also has been taken into the pattern design. Its inspiration is drawn from sticks and snakes, which derive from Greek mythology and are combined together to represent health and vigor. This pattern can not only bring caring wishes but also is a display of your individuality and fashionable taste.

Sweat headband

It is reasonable to imagine a scene on which a very hot day, beads of sweat flowing from your forehead down to your eyes. You are so irritated by this salty water. You may be searching for a nice baseball hat to protect your eyes from this annoying salty thing and here is a solution for you which is this presented hat. The inner edge of the baseball hat is completely covered with pure cotton fabric. It’s a quite good choice, right?

For one thing, the sweat headband made of pure cotton is more comfortable, skin-friendly, and breathable, so you will not feel uncomfortable when wearing it. Another thing, you can see, this sweat headband is wider than others in prevalent baseball caps that are sold on the market now. This satin-lined baseball hat can warp your head better and make you feel more comfortable. What’s more, about the workmanship of this sweat headband, you could be totally at ease, because there are three rows of stitches to protect its structure of it and avoid deformation.

Another thing, it is easy to notice the brand mark on it. This is a special idea from the designer and he hopes that customers could gain an impression of the brand – Streeter in their mind at a little glance.

In the end

Up to this part, most of the things about this satin lined baseball cap have been finished here. To be honest, it would be a nice choice if you pick it up and furthermore, it can give you a comfortable and fashionable experience when you are wearing it.

If you are looking for clothes and accessories, especially some casual and funky ones, welcome to check our website and pick up some wonderful ones!

Thank you for reading this article, and have a good day!