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Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Shop the women’s baseball hat at Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker since 1998. Our baseball cap is with a curved brim, an embroidered logo, 6 unstructured panels, and eyelets. This baseball hat is great for women and all seasons.

Cool Cap Cool Girl

Girls, pay attention! If you want to change your old sweet style and try something cool, then you can’t miss this article! Guys who want their girlfriends to be cool can also learn some tips from this article. Every girl needs to learn matching techniques that show off her personality. Whether you are a mother, a student, or an office worker, since most of the time you are not allowed to dress up in a high-profile way, we can choose a bold and eye-catching style in our spare time.

Cool style is a good choice for you. The more you change from your previous look in your everyday wardrobe, the more amazing your new look will be! A cool girl can’t be separated from a baseball cap. The product we’re going to introduce today is perfect for girls to create cool looks -the Women’s Baseball Hat. If you want to learn more details like color, fabric, and technique, please keep reading!

assorted colors women's baseball hats
assorted colors women’s baseball hats

Aung Crown Women’s Baseball Hats

As a women’s baseball hat, there are five colors available for consumers to choose from khaki, beige, black, orange, and pink. The variety of colors provides users with more collocation and style choices. Aung Crown baseball cap belongs to an unconstructed baseball cap which means this product is soft and comfortable.

Fabric: Cotton Twill

It is made of cotton twill. This kind of material is relatively common in life, but it has many advantages. Good moisture absorption is one of the most shining advantages. Normally, fibers absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere, which makes people feel soft and not stiff when they come into contact with skin. Another advantage is its resistance to alkalinity. The resistance of pure cotton twill fabric is larger.

In any alkali solution of cotton fiber, the fiber does not break, which is conducive to the washing of pollution, disinfection, and removal of impurities. At the same time, we can also dye, print, and process pure cotton textiles to produce more new varieties of cotton. As can also be seen from the product picture, this baseball cap has a colorful monogram pattern.

The Design of the Aung Crown Women’s Baseball Hat

Daily washing can be a big hassle, and this feature reduces that worry. This product has 6 panels. The buckle is a self-fabric + silver metal snap buckle. This kind of tail buckle gives consumers a very good sense of experience, and this design provides great convenience for adjusting the size of the hat. Rich and bright colors, precise stitching, proper real and virtual, strong three-dimensional sense, flat and smooth, these are the advantages of the main technology of this baseball cap – flat embroidery.

women baseball dad caps in 5 colors
women baseball dad caps in 5 colors

How to Match This Women’s Baseball Hat?

Simple casual dressing is not only cool but also comfortable. In summer, everyone has a T-shirt, which can better meet our wearing needs. Beige women’s baseball hat + white T-shirt + denim skirt. To enhance the look, waist proportion is very important. To highlight the proportion of the body, we can choose to wear the white T-shirt with the corner tucked or the waist exposed so that we can improve the position of the waistline and thus wear a tall and thin look. A denim dress not only highlights the length of your legs to a certain extent but also sets the stage for a cool style.

Other Dressing Styles

With a closer look, we will find that the core of the street style collocation is to highlight the personality, so the collocation of uninhibited design of a single product is more able to make the eye absorption rate straight up! When it comes to the design that can highlight the street sense, we should think of the tooling elements, leather materials, hole designs, irregular cutting, and so on.

Let’s be honest, a simple but still powerful baseball cap, as long as it’s well matched, can help us to wear a personalized and eye-catching look. When it comes to matching baseball caps, Sweet cool girls will choose a way to highlight the shape of girls’ faces, which can not only show the shape of their faces but also mix and match to create a beautiful and cool look.

Same Color Dressing

The easiest way to stand out on the street is to choose a color that stands out. The higher the color saturation, the easier it is to be caught by the line of sight. But you also need to understand the laws of color balance, which can lead to pitfalls. The safest way to match is the same color system and bright color + base color method. You can find that the color gets along very harmoniously when you wear based it in this way and this collocation of color improves your clothes as well. Orange women’s baseball hat + denim vest + plaid pants.

Street & Casual Style

The loose silhouette and raw edge design have a sense of yuppie and youth. What’s more, it is matched with black and gray plaid pants, which are casual and durable and can fully reflect the high waist and long legs of consumers. Washed denim blue + black-grey plaid. Cool retro-style lovers must try it! Each outfit will only have a prominent color. It’s not easy to go wrong, but also can actively blend into the street style.

The orange baseball cap is the key to this outfit. It should be noted that the skin tone of Asian girls is not suitable for high saturation colors, and the upper body looks coarse and vulgar as it darkens the skin. The solution is to desaturate the top and keep the color away from your face.

flat embroidery logo on the cap
flat embroidery logo on the cap

Wild-Fashion – Black Color

A black cap goes with everything and you can’t go wrong with it, and a black cap gives you a cool, stylish look that’s perfect for a street dip. But with the best, black baseball cap + black & white clothing + black shoes + black bags, this style will be more coordinated. We must not neglect the details of the styling in our daily wear. Some unique accessories can directly define the style of the look. Cool Doc Martens, punk metal accessories, leather chokers, and so on, can highlight the essence of sweet cool girl wear.

Dressing Accessory

Bags have always been a plus in styling, but I suggest you choose simple and do not lose the aura of the underarm bag which can meet the styling style. A baseball cap would add fashion to such an outfit. The essence of summer street style is to show off your figure. Of course, to avoid looking too sleazy, you can never go wrong with a look that’s half conservative and half sexy. When you go out on the street, you should choose this personalized style of clothing. A baseball cap will let you show off your figure without losing the sense of fashion. Every outfit will attract attention! Black baseball cap + black drawstring shirt + skirt. How can a cool girl be without a black shirt?

This set of black shirts and gauze skirts is soft and cool! The shirt itself is short, especially to show height proportion! With the drawstring design and the dark pleats on the chest, the whole shirt looks advanced and special! The black baseball cap itself, paired with a black skirt, can look even cooler! We should choose a gauze skirt and a shaggy princess skirt for this half skirt.  Although it is still a cool style, from the version of the skirt to the material, all those designs make this collocation a little softer. It’s a perfect interpretation of the combination of hardness and tenderness!

black hat
black hat

Khaki baseball cap + patchwork collar dress 

Baseball caps in these colors are low in saturation and feel fresh and soothing. For women worried that a white baseball cap isn’t skin-friendly, they can choose a light khaki cap with a hoodie for age reduction and comfort. Speaking of cool, don’t forget to mention the suit. This irregular dress with a blazer collar on the top is a blast! Dark tones make the whole texture perfect! The aura is absolutely at its maximum. This collocation overall is a little plaid skirt feeling but coupled with the irregular suit collar to do the stitching and connecting.

This collocation is the one that you cannot forget the style since you met it even just once! The waistband design of the side waist allows you to adjust the waistline freely, and the sleeves on both sides are also a little loose to catch the feet. If you think you are fat on your arm, do not worry at all! The outfit is versatile, and a lot of attention has been paid to the details. However, the highlight is the khaki baseball cap. When it comes to the cool style, this suit-neck dress already has a lot going for it.

The baseball cap is unique in this ensemble, and the curved brim adds a touch of mystery to the overall style. The combination of a baseball cap and suit is more appropriate for the workplace than the combination of a baseball cap and coat. This kind of collocation is suitable for the workplace atmosphere. If you wear it on an informal occasion, you can use a loose and fat suit top to match a baseball cap and instantly become a cute and cool girl.

5 women's baseball caps
5 women’s baseball caps

Pink baseball cap + white ripped pullover + pleated skirt

A pink baseball cap is full of vitality and energy. Using it to decorate the shape can let people feel that you are a lively beautiful woman who is full of enthusiasm. This pink baseball cap can also be embellished and worn with black or denim. Pink seems to imply cuteness and sweetness in our daily lives. Not always! Every piece of clothing, every pair of pants, and every single item, in our daily wear, should be carefully considered!

This outfit, at first glance, is simply white. But the elements are diverse, checkerboard, holes, spray letter graffiti, hem, and back drawstring design, each element adds a lot of cool points! So this set of clothes must choose a very handsome and lazy sweater! And the whole set belongs to the oversize style, the version is loose, and the whole set of the upper body is super handsome with a black pleated skirt!

You should wear a guitar because this outfit is so rock and roll! This medium pink baseball cap is especially important! A pink baseball cap can be matched with a pleated skirt, which can give people a very fashionable personality feeling. It is very suitable for those women who want to take the trend route to match and imitate.

assorted colors
assorted colors

Fashionistas are always able to understand the fashion collocation information at the very beginning, and they can easily lead the trend. At the same time, in the process of collocation, it is also very good at using simple and classic single products to show a distinctive aesthetic feeling. If you want to go a-list and cool, there are many choices in collocation. And in the process of choosing clothing items, we can also make good use of the basics of clothing items to enrich the modeling.

In the End

Some fashionable items, such as a trench coat or a baseball cap, can be very rich in content when combined together. But no matter what you wear, the Aung Crown baseball cap is a must-have for a cool style. These women’s baseball hat is unisex, which makes them perfect for autumn and winter couples. As I have told you more than once in the previous article, the collocation, and appearance of clothes are largely determined by color. Black and cool colors have a strong sense of distance, which is one of the manifestations of “cool”.

Any style has its distinct label, and naturally, there will be specific elements and pieces. If you want to look cool, today’s baseball cap is ready to go! Never miss this professional hat maker founded in 1998 – Aung Crown.