Wisely Color for Your Suede Baseball Cap

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn

plain suede baseball cap


Aung Crown’s suede baseball cap is a great choice for all. If you are looking for a new style and like to experiment with some not recently popular, neglected materials, we might find something you would like to take a look at. The new idea is called – suede! It’s the tanned skin of horned animals, clothes, shoes, and accessories that give the owner an elegant and respectable look. It is used in orthopedics, optics, interior decoration, and furniture upholstery.

It is airy, pleasant to the touch, and pleasing to the eye material. You can’t be afraid of frost if you have a suede sheepskin coat in your wardrobe. With it comes to this material, the main thing is to take care of it carefully and competently. Sounds like a good material picks for your new baseball cap. The tricky thing can be, which colors are fit for the Aung Crown suede baseball cap and how to mix them well with other clothes you are regularly wearing. We will try to set the answers to those questions and offer several ideas you might like.

Choose Colors for Your New Suede Baseball Cap

assorted suede baseball cap

Whenever you are buying your baseball cap, take a few thoughts about which clothes you already have and how are you going to combine them. Then we have another question – how to properly combine colors in clothes? Clothing and combining colors can be a headache for many people, but if you follow the rules of matching colors, patterns, and details with schemes and theory, you can very easily achieve a perfect color combination for your baseball cap.

Choosing clothes of one color always looks a bit boring. One more thing – knowing colors and shades is the ability to use them correctly. Learn how to combine colors and shades. Stylists recommend using a maximum of three colors when combined. So, your baseball cap can easily be the same color as one other piece of clothing you wear. Every practice has a bit of theory behind it, and color matching is no exception. Fashion experts and psychology itself not only deal with it. By nature, people are visual types, and colors in visual perception convey a much deeper message than what appears to us.

solid color suede baseball cap

Whether we like it or not, we often form a first impression or even prejudice based on color, and practice has shown that most people have the same or similar associations when they encounter a certain color. So, considering the fact that a baseball cap is one of the most recognizable fashion details, be aware of which one you have and how it fits with the rest of the things you dress on.

Match Your Baseball Hat in Relation to Build, Hair, and Eye Color

Matching the color of your baseball hat with the body is perhaps the biggest challenge when it comes to dressing. White visually expands, black narrows, and the right patterns in the right colors can sometimes significantly change the figure for the better (or worse), whether it’s ordinary t-shirts for everyday or more elegant variants.

Therefore, if you have wider hips, darker bottoms will visually narrow them, while even a classic white t-shirt could highlight the upper part, focusing on the chest. Longitudinal stripes, as is known, narrow the line, and horizontal ones usually provide the opposite effect.

Furthermore, if you have ever pondered why someone’s blue eyes capture attention, it is likely due to the inherent selection of clothing color. Blue eyes will look beautiful with blue shades of clothing, and green will also come to the fore when wearing something green, even if it is a simple green training shirt or hat.

Hair works in a similar way. It is an unwritten rule that red and blue dresses or hats look best on blonde girls, while yellow, white, and orange dresses are perfect for girls with darker hair and complexion.

What Messages Do Different Colors Send?

The color red, for example, is a reflection of dominance, passion, strength, and determination, and throughout history and popular culture, it has symbolized emotions such as love, but also those feelings that encourage revolution, struggle, and change.

Thus, this color belongs to the bright colors that convey power, and the pink shade itself also exudes a striking, dominant, and strong appearance when viewed in the palette of other colors, even though it does not possess the same symbolism as red. Looking at red and pink like this, it’s no surprise that, for example, the most attractive women’s underwear is usually in these colors.

Since the goal of business meetings is not to express dominance and power at all costs, but rather to express cooperation and good relations, business people prefer to choose neutral colors. Therefore, leave the pink or red socks for going out or some casual occasion, and on the business plan, and choose slightly more measured shades.

White Color

White, for example, always sends a message of purity, progress, peace, and good intentions, while light blue expresses peace, stability, responsibility, and loyalty. If you are wondering what colors go with blue, white will always be the appropriate solution, while those who want to check what colors go with gray, almost always choose white or black.

Black Color

Black is a classic color, and we know that it never goes out of fashion. That’s why, regardless of the season and collection of women’s clothing, there are always a few black pieces for almost all occasions, whether it’s a black tracksuit, a business jacket, or a black skirt for the beach.

Brown Color

Brown instills a feeling of casualness and relaxation, while gray is placed in the context of intelligence, rationality, and efficiency. Although this color theory should not be understood and applied literally, the fact is that the mentioned associations are present in people when they encounter these shades.

At the same time, we have provided an answer to why we always, and even unconsciously, choose neutral colors such as light blue, gray, white, or beige for work, but this does not mean that combinations with details of “bold” colors are not an option.


Brown is the color of the earth, the color of something reliable, strong, and stable. This is how others perceive people who often wear brown and its shades. People who like to wear this color are a bit conservative, respect their elders, and always seek peace, stability, and strength in everything. A girl in a brown dress or a man in a brown jacket gives the impression of a reliable, intelligent, and rational person.

Brown clothing and earth tones are associated with rational thinking, strong and reliable personalities who are intelligent and stable. However, people who choose brown clothes know how to be conservative, and peace, strength, and stability are most important in their lives.


In the past, the color purple often represented nobility and higher society. It meant sophistication, wealth, and luxury. Cleopatra is known to have been crazy about the color purple. During these times, only the wealthy could afford to wear shades of purple. Today, the purple color means creativity, discernment, and love of art.

According to experts, people who wear purple are emotional and sensitive. They are dreamers, creative, and love mysticism. They are also known to be unpredictable and dealing with them can be both easy and difficult at the same time. Purple clothes are associated with high class, sophistication, wealth, and luxury. This was the color of royal families, and purple represents creativity and artistic and emotional souls. People who choose a purple wardrobe love to fantasize, and are passionate, unpredictable, and mystical.


Yellow is the color of happiness, sunshine, and laughter. Research has shown that this color increases serotonin production in the brain, accelerates metabolism, and prolongs mood.

In addition, yellow increases concentration and attention, so it is often used on billboards and advertisements, road signs, and street lines. Experts say that shades of yellow are worn by active, creative, and dependent people. They are dreamers and adventurers, ready to explore and conquer. The color yellow accelerates metabolism, raises mood, and encourages concentration and attention.

Yellow clothes are worn by active, cheerful, creative, and loyal people who are adventurers and dreamers, always ready for research, new experiences, and conquest.

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Ideal Combinations of Your Baseball Cap Color

Light pink or purple

Wear pink for a feminine look. It goes well with white, beige, light blue, brown, and blue. Of course, you won’t go wrong if you combine it with other colors, but in that case, choose more muted shades (such as dirty pink or powder pink). Next to white, every color looks brighter and more elegant, and purple is no exception. This is a universal combination for any occasion. Black, gray, or brown can be used as complementary colors.

The combination is basic and you can add any other shades from our list to it. It is best to combine lighter and more saturated shades of purple with black. This will help the clothes to become visually less “heavy” and will add dynamism to the image. In such clothes, silver accessories will look very stylish.

yellow baseball cap


It goes well with the color chocolate, the color of wood, beige, yellow, and brown shades. Also, if your goal is to create a classic look, combine it with white or black. If you are not yet ready for a yellow wardrobe but just want to try this color and refresh your outfit a little, then get yellow fashion details such as hats, handbags, shoes, scarves, belts, or jewelry. If you wear all black from head to toe, feel free to wear yellow shoes. They have the same effect as beige shoes, that is, they visually elongate the figure. You can wear two yellow fashion details at the same time, such as yellow shoes and handbags.

khaki baseball cap


Brown is a sophisticated color, a good substitute for black, but also a great solution for those who want to start wearing a darker wardrobe but don’t know how. This does not mean that you should look like chocolate (be brown from head to toe), but that you should learn what other colors you can combine brown with. Some of the colors that go well with brown are blue (for example jeans), pastel green, or black. We will mention only some of the examples. Blue jeans and a brown shirt or a sweater look great together.

Maybe you don’t expect this, but black and brown go well together. Just remember those famous riding boots, which are exactly that color combination. If that’s too dark for you, put on red lipstick, and put red nail polish on your nails! In addition to these, also the so-called army green goes well with brown, but be careful – you don’t want to look like the forest or Peter Pan!

Aung Crown suede baseball cap

The Real Example of a Suede Baseball Cap

You haven’t found some fashionable suede baseball caps recently? Here is a new product that seems like an exceptional solution, especially if you found those color mixtures applicable to your style. An example here is the new Aung Crown model of suede baseball cap in brown, light pink, and yellow. Its six-panel structured cap with a buckle adjustable closure from the back side. It has a sweat-absorbing headband, so knowing that you are facing the hat which is not just fashionable but which is taking good care of your comfort. It has a curved brim and flat embroidery, and it is unisex. So, what are you waiting for?

Pick your favorite suede baseball cap and show the world your talent for dressing.   Aung Crown is a professional hat maker that was founded in 1998 and is reliable and trustable.