Green Life Green Cap

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn

green baseball cap
green baseball cap


Aung Crown green embroidery baseball cap is a great choice for all purposes.

The Word – Green

When I mentioned the word “Green”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Some people may say “green life”. A green way of life refers to a way of life that coexists with nature in harmony and tries its best to protect the natural environment while meeting the needs of human beings. In essence, it is to balance the needs of human society by giving full consideration to the carrying capacity of resources and the environment, to protect natural resources, animal and plant habitats, and biodiversity and thus achieve the goal of sustainable economic and social development.

Green Caps

Some people may say “green cap”. Caps as a kind of accessory to wear are also playing a very key role, there are many categories of hats, and there are many colors for us to choose from. But few people take the initiative to choose a green hat for collocation, there may be a lot of people who think the meaning of the green hat is vicious. We should not be so narrow-minded about fashion.

In many cases, green hats can bring us a sense of personality, and the shape will not clash with others. In the summer season, it can be said that hats can not only shade us from the sun but also bring us a positive feeling of youth. But, have you ever thought about combining those two concepts as “green life green cap”?

embroidery baseball cap
embroidery baseball cap

Aung Crown Green Embroidery Baseball Cap

Green life is inseparable from sports. This embroidery baseball cap is mainly suitable for sports scenes. Of course, it also applies to casual fashion in our daily life. In keeping with the new concept of green development and green life, the baseball cap from Aung Crown is green in color. It is made of cotton twill which has earned itself a good reputation with so many advantages. Good moisture absorption is one of the most shining advantages which makes people feel soft and not stiff when they come into contact with skin.

Another advantage is its resistance to alkalinity which helps us to dye, print, and process pure cotton textiles to produce more new varieties of cotton. It is an unconstructed baseball cap with 6 panels. The design of the curved brim makes it suit every type of face shape. Because of this design, it has drawn much attention from the female crowds.

the adjustable closure
the adjustable closure

The Closure: Adjustable Tri-Glide Slide Buckle

The buckle is a self-fabric + bronze tri-glide buckle. The design of the bronze tri-glide buckle makes it easy to adjust the seal. There are a lot of detailed designs in life, which provide great convenience to consumers while being beautiful. You can also pay more attention to these useful designs in the future. The bronze of the buckle works well with the baseball cap’s deep green color and is full of mystery.

The Logo: Felt Applique + Flat Embroidery

The techniques of this baseball cap deserve attention. The front panel adopts felt applique and the back panel adopts flat embroidery. Distinct color layers and a strong three-dimensional sense are the shining advantages of flat embroidery. Therefore, flat embroidery technology is very popular in the garment industry. The remarkable feature of “felt applique” is that it gets rid of the traditional operation method of “closely connecting the needles and matching the threads” of embroidery.

It is to allow the creator to express his thoughts and feelings freely without regard to dogma. Therefore, felt applique has its intricate technical requirements and becomes an extremely precious work of art. There is also a very delicate craft on the front panel: laser cutting of felt cloth. Simply felt cloth is giving consumers a single and dull feeling. But because of the addition of a felt cloth laser cutting machine, through the hollow carving treatment at the front panel of the hat, the gorgeous transformation of felt cloth is realized instantly, increasing the sense of design and fashion for the overall shape.

the inner label
the inner label

The Inner Design

The above are some details about the baseball cap. I do believe that there must be some techniques you are fond of after hearing those introductions. “We need to promote a green lifestyle in an all-round way.” It is mentioned in the concept of natural protection and co-existence: no excessive fashion, no excessive packaging, in favor of recyclable products. The design and production of this baseball cap perfectly reflect this new concept of green living development. Textile recycling is a strategy to reuse or reprocess used clothing, fibrous materials, and clothing made of leftovers.

These fabric residues are mainly found in discarded clothing. Although different sources include furniture, MATS, footwear, and non-durable products such as linens and cloth. In consideration of these factors and recyclability, pure cotton was used in the production of this baseball cap, which is conducive to recycling. Green is the color of nature. Green surrounds us all the time and leaves us with a very deep impression.

Nature is the place that gives us life and the place we depend on for our survival. So green symbolizes life, and each state of life can be found in a different shade of green. In our clothing industry, green is always given importance to youth. So, how can we use this baseball cap to express our personality and dress sense in everyday wear?

green embroidery baseball cap
green embroidery baseball cap

How to Match This Green Embroidery Baseball Cap?

Each color has countless variations depending on hue, saturation, and lightness, and the same goes for green. We often use green in dresses, army green, olive green, mint green, and so on. Some people think green is hard to match, but it’s not. Especially in spring and summer, you should try more green clothes, which can give you fresh and natural breath. 

The First Look

The first look we’d like to introduce is a green baseball cap + green short-sleeved T-shirt + Khaki wide-leg pants. Seeing from the color aspect, a green short-sleeved T-shirt paired with khaki wide-leg pants can surprisingly make people look young and small. This collocation can set off the girl’s petite, thin, and fresh style that can be well reflected. A pair of white cotton fabric wide-leg pants are also a good choice for you. This combination gives a person a Japanese, fresh lazy feeling. Wide-leg pants have a great drape and look slimmer in them. From an overall aspect, this outfit is relatively relaxed and comfortable. However, a green baseball cap can not only match the color on the top of the body, but also adds a touch of fashion to the outfit, and the color scheme is cutting-edge and stylish as well.

flat embroidery letters
flat embroidery letters

The Classic Look

Don’t miss a green shirt with a stand-up collar design that gives you a chic classical vibe. Green baseball cap + stand-up green shirt + suit pants. This bright green shirt and dark green suit pants can help us to form a trendy, gradient look. The interior is matched with white to complete a fresh and fashionable shape. We can go for a green T-shirt with a cut-out design, but the color of the T-shirt needs to be on the dark side so that it is suitable for light-mature women.

To better this outfit, we need to brighten the look with bright white suit pants at the same time. The combination of a baseball cap and suit pants gives people a fresh look and instantly increases their sense of fashion. This outfit is perfect for office women. If a shirt is not formal enough, we can also choose a green suit. With a baseball cap, the seriousness of the workplace can also be matched.

The Sporty Look

As mentioned above, this is a sports-style baseball cap. So how can we dress sporty? One of the best answers is to pair a dark green T-shirt dress with a sporty baseball cap, a Fanny bag, and small white shoes. Tie at the waist to enhance your femininity. Bags and shoes need to be white, clean, and relaxed. In the choice of dress, we can also change to a sleeveless long green dress, the dress should be slit at the side, making the look simple and fashionable. You can enrich the look with a variety of accessories. Earrings, bracelets, chain bags, sunglasses… When you feel monotonous in a single dress, try wearing a variety of accessories.

The Bohemian Look

Of course, a polka-dot green dress is also a great choice, with a fluffy pleated flared dress and polka-dot print for a romantic touch. This more composed type of woman is suitable for light mature women, and the polka-dot pattern will bring out the cuteness. You just need to choose simple accessories to complete the look. The baseball cap adds texture to the outfit. American style letter T-shirt dress, with jeans in collocation, this outfit can form a very sporty look. The bag can choose a fishnet bag, with silver sandals as embellishment, fashion, and eye-catching.

What Does Green Mean?

The concept of green life is gaining popularity, but when it comes to green, many people will immediately think of spring. With the arrival of spring, the temperature is gradually warming up. We are taking off our heavy winter clothes and preparing to go out and feel the atmosphere of spring. What’s your first thought when you think of spring? Are you thinking about the growing grass or the flying birds?

In short, it seems that in spring, everyone’s mind will be full of life and energy. Naturally, we have to keep up with the spring and put on new spring clothes. And green, the most can represent spring! You can’t miss this next outfit. A green baseball cap can get you back in the spring in no time!

Spring Looks with This Grem Embroidery Baseball Cap

Green baseball cap + white shirt + green pleated skirt + high boots. For spring we can wear a green pleated skirt with a white blouse and high boots. In the accessories, we can match the pink handbag, and our fashion sense instantly increased. Of course, green knitwear is also very suitable for spring, and we can choose to wear yellow pants on the bottom. This bright color combination is a combination of confidence and youth. A green baseball cap accentuates the character’s playful cuteness. Green is not only popular in clothing, but also applied to our daily accessories, such as bags, glasses, scarves, earrings, necklaces, and so on.

In spring, you can wear some green accessories, which are more harmonious with the scenery and environment in spring. This collocation will also bring some unexpected surprises from the aspect of emotions, it will give their own dress more beauty sensorily. For this baseball cap, if we want to try the street style, we can try fluorescent green. Fluorescent green is the most difficult color of green to wear, wearing a suit of fluorescent green is a test of the body and temperament.

So we can choose some internal collocation is the best. A fluorescent green blouse or dress can be worn with white pants, while a dress can be worn with a beige coat. For details, we can choose the beige coat with a black edge, which can make the collocation more layered. You can also pair them with other colors to match your look and hairstyle.

exquisite embroidery baseball hat
exquisite embroidery baseball hat

In the End

A green embroidery baseball cap is a great transition between winter and spring. Green is one of the typical representative colors of spring, highlighting the vitality of the season. One of the characteristics of a green baseball cap is that it is brightly colored and can attract a lot of attention from the crowd. Unlike other colors of baseball caps, green can be interpreted as the main color in the match. The green system itself is very saturated. When matching this baseball cap, we should master a certain collocation way, so that this baseball cap can have very good display space.

It is also very important to choose other accessories that suit your figure. Through this article, do you have a deeper understanding of the green system collocation? Are you looking forward to spring when you see these styles? Are you eager to try some new ways of dressing? Choose this baseball cap to help you get used to this style quickly!  Aung Crown is a professional hat maker that was founded in 1998 and is reliable and trustable.