Unleash Your Adventure with AUNG CROWN Outdoor Bucket Hat

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Introducing the stylish and versatile Aung Crown Outdoor Bucket Hat, the perfect accessory for any outdoor adventure. This Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat is a great epitome of style and functionality for outdoor activities, and it has been designed to cater to both men and women due to its unisex design. Aung Crown is a professional and reliable hat maker since 1998.

Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat with long chin straps KN2012211
Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat with long chin straps KN2012211

The Aung Crown Outdoor Bucket Hat

Crafted from long-lasting and resilient cotton twill, the Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat guarantees exceptional durability, ensuring optimal value. Its flat brim offers ample shade for your face, head, neck, and shoulders, providing excellent sun protection. This hat is perfect for walks, hikes, camping, or simply enjoying a day in the park—a must-have accessory.


The Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat features a stylish black and green color combination, ideal for effortlessly complementing any casual ensemble. Its 58 cm/22.83 inches size offers a comfortable and snug fit for a wide range of head sizes.


The woven logo technique used adds a layer of sophistication and elegance to the hat. The Aung Crown logo, featuring the initials A & C, is skillfully woven onto the front of the hat. This meticulous stitching enhances the hat’s aesthetic, lending it a stylish and casual appeal.

Whether it’s a camping trip, a beach day, or running errands, the Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat is perfect for any outdoor activity. Stay stylish and protected.. Experiencing style and functionality in one hat with the Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat.

Design and Style

When it comes to design and style, the Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat does not disappoint. This bucket hat is designed with a modern adventurous style, combining style and functionality in one hat, which is versatile and multi-purpose.


The black and green bucket hat is simple and classic, with clean lines and a basic shape. The hat has a straight and flat brim design that can provide ample sun protection while giving a trendy look. Aung Crown, the creator of this bucket hat in 1998, skillfully crafts it as a professional hat maker. This hat has a specific design for outdoor activities, which makes it an ideal choice for beach trips, hiking, camping, and other similar adventures.

One of the most remarkable features of the Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat is the color scheme. The amazing combo of black and green gives a versatile and trendy look, which can enhance the overall look. The black gives this hat a simple classic feel, while the green provides a touch of nature and the outdoors.


Aung Crown manufactures the bucket hat using high-quality cotton twill fabric, renowned for its exceptional outdoor performance. This hat features a sturdy twill weave, ensuring its ability to endure challenging conditions, thereby making it an ideal companion for outdoor adventures and activities. Cotton twill fabric is also lightweight, which makes this bucket hat comfortable to wear for long periods.


This flat-brim bucket hat from Aung Crown offers excellent sun protection. You can wear this outdoor bucket hat all day without worrying about getting sunburned. The flat brim keeps the harmful sun rays away from your eyes, providing a clear field of vision even in bright sunlight.

Logo Techniques

The Aung Crown black-green bucket hat is known for its distinctive woven logo technique. The Aung Crown logo is finely woven into the fabric, giving the hat a refined look that stands out. The woven logo technique is an excellent addition to the hat that sets it apart from other accessories in the market.

Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat with a woven label on the front KN2012211
Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat with a woven label on the front KN2012211

Branding is a significant aspect of fashion, and the Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat is no exception. The woven logo on the front of this hat serves to strengthen the brand’s image and identity, making it more recognizable and trustworthy. The presence of the logo also increases the perceived value of the hat, making this bucket hat more desirable to consumers.

The presence of the woven logo on the Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat has a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of the hat. The woven label adds a sense of sophistication to the bucket hat, making this hat look both luxurious and functional. The combination of the woven brand logo and the design of the hat gives an effortless appeal to the overall look.

Sizing and Gender

The Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat is suitable for both men and women, making it a versatile unisex design. It showcases the trendiness of gender-neutral fashion, while also exemplifying the combination of style and functionality.

The size of this hat is 58 cm/22.83 inches which can fit most head sizes comfortably. The bucket hat does not offer size adjustments which could be seen as limiting at first.

What’s more, the 58cm/22.83 inches size is considered a standard size for all hats, not just for bucket hats, which makes it more universally comfortable to wear. Furthermore, the size ensures that a snug fit is possible without having to worry about the hat slipping off the head or being too small.

Having gender-neutral fashion accessories is essential. Gender-neutral fashion is more inclusive and diverse, which allows everyone to express themselves through fashion. The Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat is not only functional and stylish but also promotes diverse and inclusive fashion.

How to Style With Outdoor Bucket Hat from Aung Crown?

The Aung Crown bucket cap is the perfect accessory for any outdoor adventurer. With its stylish design, durable fabric, and excellent sun protection, this hat is the go-to for anyone looking to elevate their outdoor fashion game.

But how do you style this versatile hat? In this section, we’ll explore some different clothing and styling options that can complement the Aung Crown outdoor bucket cap.

Casual Style

The Aung Crown outdoor bucket cap is very easy to create a casual look. With a classic T-shirt and a pair of shorts, this black and green bucket hat can easily create an effortless and relaxed look. During cold months, with a denim jacket or hoodie and a pair of jeans to keep you warm while still looking casual and chic.

For footwear, opt for a comfortable pair of sneakers or simple sandals. A crossbody bag or a backpack will complete the look and give you a practical way to carry all of your essentials.

Athletic Style

If you’re someone who enjoys outdoor sports like hiking, biking, or running, the Aung Crown bucket hat is an excellent accessory to have. When it comes to athletic fashion, comfort and functionality are key.

Pair the hat with a moisture-wicking t-shirt and a pair of athletic shorts or leggings. Make sure your shoes are appropriate for the activity, with sufficient support and grip. A lightweight backpack is also an excellent accessory to have for carrying any necessary equipment or water bottles.

Beach Style

The Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat is also perfect for a day at the beach. Pair it with a breezy crop top and high-waisted shorts or a brightly colored sundress. Flip flops or sandals are a great choice of footwear for an easy-going and leisurely beach look.

the down-side of the Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat KN2012211
the down-side of the Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat KN2012211

Don’t forget to pack a beach bag with a few essentials like a beach towel, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Throw in a wide-brimmed sun hat for additional sun protection and style.

Festival Style

Festivals are all about music, food, and fashion. If you’re attending a festival outdoors, the Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat is an excellent accessory to bring along.

For a festival look, pair the hat with a graphic or tie-dye t-shirt and high-waisted denim shorts. Add some statement jewelry, like a pair of hoop earrings or layered necklaces, for an added touch of style. Platform sandals are also a great way to elevate any festival look.

Urban Style

The Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat also can be styled for an urban look. Just simply pair it with a graphic t-shirt, distressed jeans, and a pair of sneakers for a casual and edgy look. A backpack or crossbody bag also can add some practicality and functionality to the outfit.

If you prefer a more polished urban look, pair this bucket hat with a blazer, a button-up shirt, and tailored trousers. A pair of loafers or dress shoes completes the look and makes it suitable for any urban setting.

In Which Season Should You Wear AUNG CROWN Outdoor Bucket Hat?

The Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat is a versatile accessory that can be worn throughout different seasons. However, some main factors, like weather and time, should be considered when deciding in which season to wear the hat.

Summer Season

Summer is the perfect season to wear the Aung Crown bucket hat. The hot weather is brutal for anyone who spends time outdoors. The flat brim on the hat and cotton twill fabric can provide excellent protection from the sun, keeping you comfortable and breathable.

Vacationing at the beach, hiking, or even attending outdoor music festivals all fall under this season, and the Aung Crown bucket hat is an excellent complement to these activities. It can be paired with a swimsuit or beachwear to keep the sun off your face, and its quick-drying fabric ensures that it’s still wearable even after a swim.

Spring And Fall Seasons

Spring and fall are considered transitional seasons, where the weather could be a bit unpredictable. The Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat serves as a perfect complement to outfits worn during these seasons.

The professional hat maker  – Aung Crown founded in 1998, with almost 25 years of experience, ensures that the hat provides the necessary sun protection while also keeping the head warm during cooler weather conditions.

During these seasons, wear this bucket hat with layers of clothing, such as a sweater or jacket, and pair it with trousers or jeans. The hat’s black and green color scheme makes it quite versatile and able to pair well with any fall outfit.


To sum up, the Aung Crown Outdoor Bucket Hat is a versatile and stylish accessory that can be worn in any season. Its cotton twill fabric, flat-brim hat, and woven logo technique make it an excellent choice for any outdoor adventure or fashion-forward outfit. Embrace inclusivity and fashion with this unisex piece.