Women Summer Hats: 4 Essential Hats for Exquisite & Stylish Looks

Published On: March 28, 2024    By: chen hui

Women Summer Hats - 4 Essential Hats for Exquisite & Stylish Look

There is an old saying – people rely on clothes, Buddha relies on gold (a person’s reputation depends on the suit he wears). So, if a person wants to express his or her charm, dressing is important for his or her temperament. If you can master the skills of dressing, you can easily raise your temperament and fashion to the next level.

Today we – Aung Crown, a reputable custom hat maker, will not talk about dressing skills. We will talk about how to choose the right hat in summer to show the exquisite sense of women from the hats we have made for our customers. Here are 4 essential hats that our customers ask the most.

1.    Baseball Caps

Baseball Caps-01

The first one is baseball caps and they are the first choice when celebrities go out on the street or street shooting. Baseball caps are a must-have item for everyone in the summer while going out on the street. What’s more, baseball caps are fashionable yet versatile. So, no matter whether you match a baseball cap with slick suits or floral dresses, baseball caps won’t affect the overall style of what you’re wearing.

baseball cap-02

Besides its fashionable and versatile features, baseball caps are quite practical. In summer, the UV light outdoors is very strong. Therefore, if you want to have a great sun protection effect, wearing a baseball cap is a very nice choice for physical sun protection.

What’s more, if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to wash your oily hair, you can just put on your baseball cap and go out on the street. There is no need to worry about looking dirty with your dirty hair.

2.    Berets


The second hat is a beret. Berets are great for creating different looks in the summer. There are 3 ways to wear a beret, slanted, straight, or backward. With these wearing styles, you can easily create different looks with one simple beret.

In addition, berets are not scared of being squeezed, and are portable, particularly in the summer dressed in a dress, and then paired with a beret, you can easily get a ladylike look.


When matching a beret, consider the harmony of your overall look. If you are dressing in basic and neutral colors, the color of the beret should complement or be as close as possible to the color of the entire dress. Conversely, if you are dressing in bright colors, the color of the beret should reflect the one bright color in your look, which can make the whole look super harmonious and complementary.

3.    Straw Boaters

straw boater-01

The third type of hat is the straw boater, which is full of French romance. Straw boaters are woven with straws, which can make them super rustic, especially when paired with light-colored dresses. Such a combination can add a literary temperament to women and girls who wear simple, plain dresses.

straw boater-02

Straw boaters are closer to French style in dressing with an elegant and romantic silent beauty, simply pair them with striped T-shirts and high-waisted pants, which can emphasize the key visual effect between simplicity and complexity.

The characteristic feature of French-style flat-top boaters is the rather wide brim. Therefore, straw boaters have a great sun protection effect. However, the shape of this type of hat is quite round, so it’s not suitable for girls or women who have plump faces to wear.

4.    Bucket Hats

bucket hat-01

The last one is the bucket hat. Since 2005, bucket hats have been in the fashion industry. Many celebrities wear bucket hats in the streets or airport shots, making bucket hats essential in dressing.

Bucket hats originated with Irish farmers and fishermen to protect them from the sun, rain, or bad weather. That’s why they needed a waterproof hat with a downsloping brim to protect them from the rain. This is the original shape of bucket hats.

bucket hats-02

In addition, the reason why bucket hats are so popular in the entertainment world is that designers can easily create different and nice-looking styles with bucket hats. What’s more, bucket hats are not gender-specific and there are almost no limits. Therefore, we can see that no matter whether celebrities are male or female, bucket hats are their favorite hats on their way to the airport or the road.

women summer hats

In the End

True fashion is not just about dressing. Dressing is a key point of fashion. If you want to dress with a sense of fashion, please consider the whole look while dressing. Therefore, accessories are important when dressing. Learning how to choose the right hat for yourself can give you a better expression of your understanding of fashion.

Today, the shares about women’s summer hats end here and we hope that all can enjoy this short blog and find the right hats for the coming summer. If you like our content, please save our blog site to your bookmarks, we will keep posting from time to time.