Women’s Summer Hats: 5 Recommended Hats for Young & Elegant Looks

Published On: May 7, 2024    By: chen hui

When it comes to summer, the sunlight is strong, and it’s hard to keep your eyes open when the sunlight is too strong. That is why you need a hat. Of course, it doesn’t mean the old plastic flip-visor sun hats. It means the hat can highlight your whole dress and become the spotlight of the whole.

Here, we – Aung Crown, a custom hat manufacturer with 25+ years of experience, will introduce 5 recommended hats for women to create young and elegant looks. So, are you ready for this journey of women’s summer hats?

wide-brim straw hats

When we talk about hats, it’s straightforward to ignore them for women. There are many functions that hats can bring to women. Not only can they protect their face from sunlight, but also prevent aging caused by UV rays. It’s common to see many celebrities wearing hats for street shots. So, below are the 5 recommended hats for women in summer, please check~.

1.    Flat Top Hats

Flat-top hats -01

Flat-top hats are the most girlish summer hats, inspired by the movie – The Lover. The hostess was dressed in a simple long dress with braided ponytails and a flat-top hat, which could show a sense of French girls. If you like such a style, you can wear a flat-top hat in combination with casual or neutral outfits.

Flat-top hats -02

The hat in the picture above is a bamboo boater hat. Not only can it provide sun protection, but it is also great in breathability. Usually, there are decorative wide silk on flat-top hats. It’s also wrong to think that only young ladies can wear a flat-top hat because middle-aged women can also wear it. What’s more, this bamboo boater hat has a sense of youth. If you are afraid of being monotonous, you can tie a silk scarf around your neck or bag, which can make you look elegant and mature. A silk scarf can neutralize the sweetness and youth of the bamboo boater hat and make the whole look not too sweet.

2.    Fedoras/Fedora Hats

Fedoras -01

Fedoras were originally designed for men to wear with suits and tuxedos for formal occasions. With the changes in the fashion industry, the fedora has become one of the most popular hats among women. Slender and sophisticated shapes with decorative ribbons, we can see these fedoras in many European or American movies. Due to its fashionable yet versatile feature, no matter what kind of outfit can be matched with a fedora, the whole look is handsome and slick.

Fedoras -02

Some women like to create a noble look with simple items, such as lace, flowers, or other elements. Then, choosing a fedora hat can raise the fashion level and noble sense of the whole look, avoiding being parvenu. However, fedoras are not like flat hats that have a sense of youth and are versatile. If your temperament is neutral with a plump body and you don’t like to do hairstyles or wear makeup, then you need to choose carefully. Otherwise, the whole look will be full of masculinity.

3.    Wide-brim Hats

wide-brim hats -01

The brims of wide-brim hats are wide and soft, which is very convenient for different poses. Compared with narrow or small-brim hats, wide-brim hats can provide better sun protection, which can cover the whole face and make the face look smaller. The curve of the brim is quite soft and beautiful, favored by many debutante ladies. Compared with smooth and handsome fedoras, wide-brim hats can emphasize the softness of women and, combined with long dresses or other ladylike outfits can enhance elegance. When going to beaches or vacations, a wide-brimmed hat can make you look bright and spirited with a different kind of flavor.

4.    Bucket Hats

bucket hat -01

The bucket hat trend was sparked by celebrity airport snapshots and has been one of the hottest hats of the summer for the past two years. It’s fashionable yet versatile, and what’s more, bucket hats are suitable for all faces and heads, and are not picky about age and complexion. In addition, bucket hats provide a sense of youth and can make the face look smaller. It’s suggested to opt for black bucket hats.

bucket hat -02

If you don’t like black or white colors, you can choose grid patterns that look vintage and can be combined with shirts – neutral style. Please note that it’s better to choose a bucket hat made of breathable and lightweight cotton fabrics, otherwise, it’s very easy to get sweaty and sticky in summer.

5.    Baseball Caps

Baseball caps -01

Baseball caps are popular with all ages, especially young people. It’s very cool to pair a baseball cap with trendy outfits or hip-hop accessories. When choosing a baseball cap, you can opt for a brightly colored baseball cap, which can make you look young and add a highlight to your look. But please pay attention to the shape and please do not buy a baseball cap that its price is too cheap, and choose from some big brands. If the baseball cap is too cheap, the inner buckram is made of hard cardboard and will lose its shape after wearing it for a long time. Why choose big brands? Because the inner buckram is made of the original film and the curve is three-dimensional.

Baseball caps -02

Also, when it comes to fabric, choose baseball caps made from premium cotton fabrics. Premium cotton fabrics are breathable and highly moisture-wicking, which can prevent sweat odors. When wearing a baseball cap, it can be worn forward or backward. Wearing it backward is more fashionable and shows your personality which is cool and slick.

wide-brim straw sun hat

In the End

All of the hats recommended above have been pretty nice and hot over the past few years. No matter how you dress with them, it’s still nice. While adding a fashion level and providing sun protection at the same time. Whether it is a flat-top hat, fedora, wide-brim hat, bucket hat, or baseball cap, you can choose one in the summer and elevate your fashion level.