Claret Baseball Cap Image 5-Panel Baseball Cap

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


In this blog, we’re going to introduce a great claret baseball cap from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a reliable and professional hat maker founded in 1998 with almost 25 years of experience.

A Baseball Cap – A Essential Item

With winter coming to an end, spring is coming, and people who have been at home all winter are coming out. But now we are in a rather awkward temperature. It is too hot to wear a cotton-padded jacket but too cold to not wear it. At such times, there is one thing that can help you out of this awkward situation — a baseball cap.

Aung Crown claret baseball cap
Aung Crown claret baseball cap

We can wear slightly thinner clothes and a hat to protect us from the cold in spring. This method also has the added benefit of giving your outfit extra points, making you stand out in a crowd, and drawing attention to yourself.

For example, if you are wearing a pair of red shoes today, you can add a red baseball cap to match the color of your shoes and instantly make your outfit more advanced. If you want to wear something that goes well with spring today but your usual style doesn’t fit, you can pick a bright baseball cap to give your whole outfit a splash of color. However, how to choose a suitable hat is also a question worth thinking about.

For insistence, you need to think about what kind of hats fits your own style of dressing. Or whether you have a round face or a melon face, which suits a baseball cap or a fisherman’s hat. Or what you buy a hat for and choose the hat that works accordingly. Now you don’t have to worry about that, because I’m going to show you a baseball cap that you’re going to love. Let me explain why you must like it.

Pure Cotton Material

Our baseball cap is made of pure cotton. Our product is a baseball cap which belongs to the sports cap type, and the most important quality of this type of thing is comfort. So we choose pure cotton, which is a favorite material for moms. According to the survey results, pure cotton material has environmental protection, heat resistance, warmth, alkali resistance, and sweat resistance.

side view of the claret baseball cap
side view of the claret baseball cap
  • Environmental Protection

We can make sure that we use 100% cotton and absolutely no other materials. I believe that you have learned that cotton fiber is a natural fiber and completely harmless to nature in the school period in the book. Cotton fibers are made up of cellulose, small amounts of waxy, nitrogenous substances, and jelly gums.

These are natural materials, which can only be beneficial and harmless to the human body. Naturally, cotton fibers made of these substances are harmless.

In order to let the majority of consumers rest assured, we invited experts to test our fabrics, open and fair to the majority of consumers that our fabrics will not have any stimulation or side effects on the human body. We also have the certificate. You can rest assured.

  • Heat Resistance

When we produced this baseball cap, we tested the heat resistance of this cap, so we did an experiment. According to the experimental results, at temperatures below 100℃/201℉, the cotton fiber will only evaporate its own water without damaging its own fiber structure.

So you can be completely assured that in your daily life, this baseball cap can last for a long time. Unless you’re putting him in a pressure cooker, which I’m sure isn’t going to happen.

  • Warmth

In addition to heat resistance, this claret baseball cap is also extremely warm. At the beginning of this article, I said that you can buy this hat to protect against the cold spring weather, so keeping warm is essential.

If you haven’t forgotten the chemistry knowledge of middle school and high school, I believe you all know that cotton materials inside the cotton fibers do not easily conduct electricity or heat, and it is called a bad conductor of thermoelectricity.

To put it in technical terms, the heat transfer coefficient is very low, and the cotton fiber itself is porous and elastic. Because of these properties, it is not difficult to imagine that there is a lot of air in the cotton fiber, and the air is also a poor conductor of heat and electricity. All of these reasons come together to form the warmth of this material.

  • Alkali Resistance

This pure cotton material is alkaline resistant. We use 100% cotton, which is inherently alkaline resistant and can retain its original shape in alkaline liquids. In addition, this pure cotton material is alkaline resistant. I believe you have found that many hats after a long time of use will fade the edge of the hat, and it is inevitable. This is a really annoying problem, but our baseball caps don’t have this problem at all.

As we all know, human sweat contains alkali, and alkali will make hats discolored. To avoid this problem, we choose materials that are resistant to alkalis, so that even sweat will not erode the color of the hat. And you can also find that a lot of clothes tend to lose color because the laundry detergent that you wash them in also has alkali in it, so when you wash your hats, they will lose color.

If you have this claret baseball cap, there will be not any problem. We use 100% cotton, which is inherently alkaline resistant and can retain its original shape in alkaline liquids.

  • Sweat Resistance

In fact, pure cotton material is more absorptive sweat which is known to everyone, but you may not know the reason, I will explain to you. As we’ve seen before, cotton contains a lot of air, and air contains a lot of water. According to experts, the water content of cotton fibers can reach 8% to 10%. Therefore, pure cotton fabric is very skin-friendly, it will keep human skin warm and moist rather than dry.

Moreover, cotton fibers have a property. When the ambient temperature is high, it will cause the moisture inside the fabric to evaporate and create a balance. Of course, when the environment is relatively cold, it will absorb some moisture to keep the fabric warm and skin-friendly. That’s why our baseball caps are sweat-absorbent.

Curved Plastic Brim

The brim of our baseball cap is a slightly curved plastic brim. First of all, you shouldn’t think that just because it’s plastic, it’s cheap and useless. In fact, we choose plastic edges because they don’t deform easily, so we can better control the curvature of the brim. And you don’t need to spend too much time maintaining it in your daily life.

At the same time, the plastic is relatively light, so there is not too much pressure on the head. That means it can be soft or hard. Of course, there’s also the reality that plastic is cheaper to make and more acceptable to consumers.

dark red baseball hat
dark red baseball hat

Second, there’s a reason we specifically mentioned a slightly curved plastic brim instead of a curved plastic brim. Hats are known to shape the face, so many people with blemishes like to buy hats. However, many hats on the market are made of random curves, which have no effect on the shape of the face.

On the contrary, our baseball caps have a certain degree of curvature. We decided on the current cap chamber based on a lot of experiments. The slightly curved brim can better help shape our face with three eyes and five eyes. We should learn to use everything around us, just like a small hat can change the shape of the face.

Five-Panel Structure

Unlike many hats on the market, our baseball cap uses a five-piece structure. You might think a six-piece hat would be more three-dimensional and would make you look more energetic. But it’s not. In fact, virtually all hat logos on the market are on the front of the hat. If six pieces are used, there will be an edge in the front part of the logo that will push up the logo.

In this way, the logo part in front of the hat will be very obtrusive visually. So we use a five-piece structure. The advantage of this structure is that there is only one piece of cloth without edges in the front part of the logo. This logo looks flat and doesn’t look weird. At the same time, the five-piece structure is not as three-dimensional as the six-piece structure. Made of five pieces of cloth, which makes your head look small and cute.

the baseball cap with a plastic snap closure

Plastic Snap Closure

Our baseball caps are dark red plastic single-breasted. First of all, it is single-breasted, so it is very thin, and there is no great sense of existence. And plastic vents are easier to operate. In everyday life, you can adjust your hat on your own. Compared to other hat vents, a plastic buckle adjustable seal is the most convenient adjustment method.

Many people like the metal outlet, in addition, it is very easy to fade color, and it is also difficult to complete the operation by oneself. Normally, you need to have another person adjust the spout at the back of the hat after you put it on. If you’re working alone, you’re going to have to make adjustments over and over again. It’s hard to do just thinking about it. That’s why we choose a plastic buckle adjustable seal.

Leather Patch

The material of our logo is leather. In fact, the hat logo material on the market is basically facing, but we have our reason to choose leather. In real life, we will find that many people like to buy leather shoes, leather bags, and other leather products. Have you ever wondered why?

Because leather is more expensive. We made the logo of the hat using leather so that consumers can spend ordinary money to get a commodity that looks very expensive to show their temperament. And leather things are difficult to fake, the selection of leather materials will appear good texture. At the same time, leather adds a stylish touch to our baseball caps, making them useful for more than just sports. That’s why we choose leather.

Inner side of the baseball cap
The inner side of the baseball cap

Sweat-Absorbing Sweatband

Sweatbands are an essential part of a sports hat, so they are often considered when choosing a hat. Of course, this Aung Crown claret baseball cap doesn’t forget that part either. We put the sweatband on the inside of the hat. On the one hand, the need for a sports cap, on the other hand, the need for aesthetics. This way, we can completely make the sweatband invisible without losing its function.

In the End

You may have purchased a special sweatband, but it’s easy to lose and not routine. So, this baseball cap is all about consumer concerns. Whatever you’ve considered and whatever you haven’t considered we’ve considered. Do you have the desire to take it home? If your answer is “YES”, go ahead and buy it.