Fashion Baseball Cap – You Are On Your Own

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we’re going to introduce a fashion baseball cap from Aung Crown – a professional hat maker with almost 25 years of experience.

fashion baseball hat
fashion baseball hat

What Do We Need A Baseball Cap?

In today’s society, people pay more and more attention to the form of appearance, and the phenomenon of discrimination and comparison has begun to appear. Some people will think that good-looking people are good-looking in any way and don’t have to dress up themselves. Those people who are good-looking are shining stars already.

But if everyone is thinking like this, then the appearance of people in this society will be indifferent. It’s obvious that some people like bright clothes, some people like simple designs, while the rest like clothes in unisex. Everyone has his own favorite style of dressing. This is the most basic thing that we can do on our own. And the truth is you are on your own when you are dressing.

What Dressing is Important for the Whole Look? In today’s article, we mainly talk about how important it is to decide on your own clothes and how a baseball cap changes others’ opinions of your dress. 

First of all, you should notice that it is very important to have a good collocation style. When getting along with others, wearing a neat and good-looking dress is to show respect to the other party, and also reflects personal charm and temperament. Matching can make ordinary features become unique. 

Collocation can make people who are in natural beauty more gorgeous and charming. Anyway, it’s not just about looking good underneath. A stylish pair of glasses, a nice pair of shoes, or even a nice baseball cap can all make a statement about personal taste.

the black and white cap
the black and white cap

Fashion Baseball Cap from Aung Crown

One of the most common fashion items is a baseball cap. Today’s baseball cap is very popular with consumers. It is one of the most popular products in Aung Crown Company.

The right picture is a visual rendering of the product. The baseball cap is made of tie-dye fabric with breathability characteristics. The logo process uses flat embroidery and it belongs to a unisex-style product. Made of pure cotton printed fabric, this cap is comfortable and breathable. The pattern created by the tie-dye technology is unique and beautiful.

the flat embroidery letters
the flat embroidery letters

1. Flat Embroidery Logo

With a unique font and delicate stitching, The logo adopts flat embroidery technology. Part of the company’s name (AUNG) is on the front of the hat by embroidery, which reflects the unique corporate culture to a certain extent. At the same time, the pure cotton sweat-absorbing tape is used inside the product, which can absorb sweat and breathe more freely while being comfortable. 

This baseball cap is made by the design method of original body cloth and buckles tail band. This design is convenient to adjust the size which greatly improves the convenience of the product.

If you want to learn more information about this type of baseball cap, please keep reading to have more details learned!

2. Fabric

This fashion baseball cap is made of tie-dyed fabric. For tie-dyeing, pure cotton is , because pure cotton gives the best dyeing effect, while linen and blended fabrics are slightly less dyeing. If the selected fabric is cotton fabric with a woolen pattern on it, the cotton fabric will be colored, and the woolen part of the color is poor or even not colored, which will produce better visual effects.  

It should be noted that color collocation is very important when we are doing tie-dye techniques. Several identical colors will produce different effects according to the size of each color area. Moreover, if you want to make baseball caps, the color should choose according to the skin color. However, the color this baseball cap chose is two of the most common colors-black and white. This choice of color makes it very versatile and can be paired with anything, or we say, this is probably the easiest to match.

3. Techniques

Flat embroidery is the most widely used embroidery, as long as it can be embroidered materials, it can be done in flat embroidery techniques. This is no exaggeration! The basic principle of flat embroidery is the formula of “evenness, levelness, orderliness, and smoothness”.

“Evenness” means that the distance of the embroidery line should be even, not uneven density; “levelness” means that the embroidery surface should be flat, with no twisted lines, folded lines, unevenness, and no exposed bottom phenomenon. 

“Orderliness” means that the needlepoint and the needlepoint must neatly fall on the pink line (contour line), cannot expose the pink line and the pink line, or the length of the drop point is uneven. “Smoothness” is the direction that points to embroider line and wants to press order toward a consistent direction.

After a more detailed understanding of the craft skills of flat embroidery, we can draw the conclusion that this kind of craft is an accurate choice for this baseball cap. Because these features just bring some convenience to the production of baseball caps and bring excellent visual experience to users, but also bring great comfort to consumers.

The biggest advantage of flat embroidery is that it can show various complex patterns from the plane. While there are no intricate logos or designs to embroider on the hats, the choice of craftsmanship conveys a culture of diversity in product lines. The black and white match color collocated with tie-dye craft techniques reveals a kind of leisure style.

the inner label on the fashion baseball cap SFG-210421-8
the inner label on the fashion baseball cap SFG-210421-8

4. The Design

Relying on the popularity of big brands and the specific theme of each season, the hats of big brands are more in line with the purchase standards of specific people. The characteristics and styles presented by these brands are also more consistent with those of big brands. For independent small and medium-sized brands, the decorative and design sense of the brand is its unique advantage, but it also brings the problem that the products are not easy to match.

However, this baseball cap is made by the design method of original body cloth and buckle tail band. This design is convenient to adjust the size which greatly improves the convenience of the product. On the one hand, this design solves the problem that small and medium brands are not easy to adapt to the general public, and on the other hand, it further plays its corresponding advantages.

  For the public, in addition to decoration, the functions of hats are mainly to cope with the weather changes, such as sun protection, wind protection, winter warmth, etc. In product creation, hats that focus on these functions can be called functional hats. In addition to these everyday functions, some hats are born out of the need to perform special activities, such as religious activities. This baseball cap is designed to do many things. The design of the long brim can play a role in preventing sun and wind, and the design of pure cotton tie-dyed fabric can play a role in keeping warm in winter.

Learn to wear what you like

The social dominant style and authoritative leading style is the man who cares very much about others’ views, but their focus is different. Those who have a socially dominant style always hold the idea that a harmonious relationship is the first. It’s true that not revealing in the crowd would make them feel safe, but if someone else challenged his dress, his idea was shaken as he heard the noise of others’ opinions.

The authoritative leading style person is concerned that he is not authoritative enough. If someone comments on his clothes, he will be scorned externally and annoyed internally. The reason why people who are dominated by artistic style don’t care about others’ opinions is that they like to live in their own artistic world, and they have no time or consciousness to care about others.

A theoretical person will be very rational. He will analyze whether your evaluation is based on the basis of what intention is put forward, and determine whether to care about it based on the analysis. There is no right or wrong way to care or not care, only too much of a good thing. People who care about you either have a good interpersonal relationship or are very authoritative in a certain field.

How Does A Baseball Cap Change Others’ Opinion On Your Dressing?

The choice of items is very important in our daily wear. A fashionable baseball cap can be one of the best choices. Baseball caps are an integral part of the trendy culture, which is full of energy. Baseball caps and jogging pants, hoodies, and dad shoes are all part of the Athflow style.

If you care much about your dress, you will easily ignore others and live too much of yourself. Everyone’s cognition the contains cognitive self and others. We are social animals, and can’t live in a vacuum. We need others to be cognizant of the occasion and gain others’ respect and support.

On informal occasions, we can choose to do our own thing. The most important thing is that you can have a choice, do you have this option? You have faith in your style, your sense of dress, and what to wear for the occasion, and you know why you care or don’t care. Then when someone comes up with it, all you have to do is believe it or not.  

Different Color Skins

In fact, in the face of different skin colors, we will choose a different hat color.

Ruddy complexion: It can be coordinated with many colors, but don’t wear hats that are too red.

Yellowish complexion: Wear a dark brown, beige hat rather than a yellow or green hat.

Darker skin tone: When choosing a bright color hat, pay attention to the overall effect of the outfit, according to the outfit to match the hat effect.

Pale complexion: Hats can be used in many colors. But because too white skin tends to give a weak feeling, when choosing a hat color, avoid white or similar colors.

Whether the colors of your hat and outfit are similar or contrasting can also change the first impression of your outfit. Wearing a hat with the same color as the clothing or similar to the main color can give people a fresh and elegant sense. While wearing a hat that contrasts strongly with the color of the garment makes people feel lively and vigorous.

You Are On Your Own

It’s no question that you can decide what to wear for your day. And this is the main value and core idea Aung Crown wants to express-You Are On Your Own. This slogan aims at letting yourself be a “real” person.

Don’t torture yourself in your heart to be a “bystander” in others’ eyes. You need to tell yourself that it’s okay not to be good. And that the most important thing is to follow your heart’s true choice. So whenever someone asks you how your life could be better. You have the right to remain silent or discuss something else with them.

Because no one’s life can be determined by others. And no one is willing to impose their own experience, even advice, on others. The right baseball cap will help you to establish a good impression on others. We should know that only you really know and understand what you want.


Anyway, you are on your own now. I believe that after reading this article today, you will have a more profound impression of your own taste. Also, be more independent in your own clothes.

This fashion baseball cap today is a good choice for you. Why some people can wear the most ordinary clothes to the most brilliant posture. The answer is that they are good at using details. The details do not require much effort on our part, nor great skill. This winter, what separates you from a fashion blogger is a hat.

Now is the best time for you to get your baseball cap. What’s more, it’s your time to decide what to wear and ignore others’ views! Just remember that you are on your own!