Aung Crown Tie Dye Bucket Hat: Purchase or DIY

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Here today, we’re going to introduce a tie dye bucket hat from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a reliable and professional hat maker since 1998.

Bucket hats have recently had a big rebirth in popularity. These hats are perfect for sun protection and making a fashion statement. They have a rich history of use by beach fishermen, making them inherently summery. Here, is a colorful tie-dye bucket hat from Aung Crown that is very trendy and funny.

Tie-Dye Introduction

Tie-dye is an ancient fabric manipulation process. It’s gaining popularity in DIY fashion due to its ease and speed. You can revamp old clothes and accessories inexpensively at home.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, and more clothing items look fantastic in tie-dye this fall. Enjoy a joyful rainbow of colors on face masks, dresses, shirts, tote bags, and socks with excellent dyeing jobs.

Get Creative with Tie-Dye

There are a plethora of internet tutorials that will show you how to do tie-dye, whether you want to do it in a sink, in the washing machine, or on your patio. These tutorials come from dye makers, handicraft professionals, fashion designers, and experienced hobbyists. If you are interested in learning how to do tie-dye, you can find these tutorials on the internet.

To achieve your desired style, you need clear instructions and the right components. Using a dye package meant for synthetic textiles won’t work on cotton-blend t-shirts and socks.

Tie-Dye In China

ZhouCheng, Yunnan City, Taicang, and Miaojie in Weishan Yi and Hui Autonomous County are vital centers of tie-dye heritage in China. ZhouCheng is recognized as the “National Tie-dyeing Hometown” by the Ministry of Culture for its Bai Tie-dying industry.

Tang Dynasty Fashion

According to the data provided by historical sources, the Dali region was the place where dyeing and weaving skills were first introduced to the world during the Eastern Han Dynasty. During the sixteen years that Tang Zhen Yuan was emperor, Chang’an was frequented by the palace dancing ensemble Nan Zhao. The tie-dyed patterns on their clothes featured a variety of motifs, including plants, animals, and abstract designs, and contained eight distinct colorations.

Textile Mastery: Ming & Qing Eras

In the Ming and Qing eras, the Bai people in Erhai excelled in weaving and dyeing. Popular textiles included Erhai Weihong cloth, Xizhou fabric, and Dali cloth from the Qing Dynasty. They gained significant popularity. It was during this time that a cloth-dyeing association was established.

Historic Textiles: Ming & Qing

Erhai Weihong cloth was produced during the Ming Dynasty. Xizhou fabric was produced during the Qing Dynasty. Dali cloth was produced during the Qing Dynasty. The dying and weaving traditions in Zhouchen village is well-known all over the world, and the business of dying and weaving in Dali is thriving.

Chinese Bai People Tie Dye
Chinese Bai People Tie Dye

Tie-Dye in Bai People

Tie-dyed clothing usually starts with white cotton or a piece of cotton-flax blend fabric. Bai Tie-dying mainly uses indigo for color, resulting in a majority of blue and white-dyed items.

The inhabitants of Yunnan refer to the indigo plant as Indigowoad Root. Essential processes include sketching and brushing designs, woolding or knotting, soaking, cloth-dyeing, heating, drying, string-removing, and cloth-grinding. Important pieces of equipment include dye vats and jars, dye sticks, hangers, and stone mills.

Intricate Bai Tie-Dyeing

The hallmark of Bai tie-dyeing is the creation of intricate and beautiful patterns made from flowers, plants, animals, and symbols that are supposed to bring good fortune. To achieve the stunning effects that are characteristic of Bai tie-dyeing, a wide variety of dyeing and tie-dyeing techniques are utilized.

Because of its high aesthetic standards and practicality as clothing and home decor, it is a popular choice not only in the United States but also in other countries. Nearly a thousand various patterns are used by the Bai people. Many of these patterns stretch back a very long time in the Bai people’s history and serve as both a record of and a reflection on the people’s way of life as well as their appreciation of beauty.

Tie-Dye Season Sensation

The approach of spring has brought with it the sensation that it is finally tie-dye season. Even though we dyed with tie-dye all throughout the winter and have plenty of our handiwork stashed away in preparation for the upcoming cold, the arrival of spring and the promise of summer make us feel like we’ve finally arrived at the season that is most suited to our creative endeavors.

This is because spring brings the promise of summer, and summer is when tie-dyeing is traditionally done. If you put your bottles, gloves, and rubber bands aside for the winter in preparation for a tie-dye project, now is the time to take them out of storage because this year will be the most colorful tie-dye season in history. Let’s get started on this tie-dye bucket hat together, shall we?

How to Do Tie-Dye on A Bucket Hat?

First, get the bucket hat wet and squeeze out as much water as possible.

The second step is to crumple the hat and secure it using rubber bands.

The next step is to prepare the dye by adding water to the appropriate bottles of color. The powder dye and water should be shaken vigorously to combine.

The fourth step is to randomly squirt the dye onto the hat.

And then wait 8-24 hours for the dye to dry (or according to package directions).

The last step is to take off the rubber bands and wash the hat under cold running water until the water is clear. Hang the hats to dry after being washed in a separate load of laundry.

how to tie dye a bucket hat
how to tie dye a bucket hat

Trendy Tie-Dye Bucket Hats: Aung Crown’s Style Secret

Even if you don’t believe you’re very good at tie-dying or your color combinations aren’t that amazing, you might want to get a bucket hat that you can tie-dye and wear it even if you don’t think you’re very good at it. In order to accomplish this, you need to seek out the brand – Aung Crown, a well-respected hat maker.

If you go to its website, you will see that there are many different types of headwear, including tie-dye bucket hats. Due to the nature of the technique, it values the fact that no two products that have been tie-dyed are ever exactly the same. The second reason is that tie-dye skirts the boundaries of conventional fashion. After the boom of the 1970s, it is still in existence, but now you wear it on your head in the form of a bucket hat emblazoned with a brand.

Aung Crown tie dye bucket hat with 3D embroidery letters KN2103014
Aung Crown tie dye bucket hat with 3D embroidery letters KN2103014

The Features of the Aung Crown Tie Dye Bucket Hat

The tie-dye bucket hat from Aung Crown has recently emerged as a top choice in headwear for adolescent girls. For the straightforward reason that the color scheme of the hat makes reference to the contemporary trend of unicorn hues. Who among little girls didn’t secretly hope that one day they’d meet a unicorn? Even though it’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever be able to get my hands on a real unicorn, at least I have the option of decorating my bedroom in a mystical shade of pink.

unicorn color
unicorn color

Unicorn Color Hue

A warm, sweet, and enchanted scent is conjured up when one thinks of unicorns or the color unicorn. This summer, the popularity of unicorns has increased to the point where it has overtaken that of macarons. The enchanting, rejuvenating, and mystical color palette of a unicorn’s mane is the hue of dreams.

The phrase “unicorn color” does not refer to a specific shade, despite the widespread notion to the contrary. The majority of the time, the saturation is just right, and the chilly gray air has a nice, almost springlike character to it. Although it does not have a very powerful flavor, it leaves people feeling happy and bright. The hue known as unicorn possesses a lot of the qualities associated with summer and truly lives up to its name.

Unicorn Color Analysis

Candy colors and unicorn colors can be confused, but unicorns have more vibrancy and might not suit young women. On the other hand, the unicorn hue is more wearable due to its lower saturation.

The white effect of unicorn color is lively, fresh, and attractive. Wearing it instantly transforms one’s appearance. Don’t miss out on unicorn color this summer! This is due, in part, to the low saturation of the unicorn color, which makes it relatively simpler to handle. Regardless of the wearer’s complexion, women with yellow skin can also rock this color. In addition, the color scheme of the unicorn is becoming increasingly popular among big fashion brands.

3D embroidery letters
3D embroidery letters

Comfortable Cotton Twill: Embrace Tie-Dye Style

However, the color of the tie-dye bucket hat sold by Aung Crown is not a true unicorn hue; rather, it is a softer shade of pink that is gender-neutral and may be worn by either men or women. In addition, the use of three-dimensional embroidery for the logo that is sewn onto the top of the hat creates a more three-dimensional impression of the summertime spirit.

The fact that the hat is constructed of cotton twill, which is frequently used in tie-dye techniques and which naturally explains why it is so comfortable, is due to the fact that cotton is typically used in these techniques. Even though a brim that isn’t very long won’t do as good of a job of covering your face from the sun, it’s still a great method to look stylish and mold your face.

the top crown of the Aung Crown tie dye bucket hat KN2103014
the top crown of the Aung Crown tie dye bucket hat KN2103014

In the End

Two different techniques for gaining a tie-dyed bucket hat have been shown here for your perusal. You are the only person who can determine what approaches are successful for you. Making one’s own tie dye bucket hat is a fun project for those who are very adept, and it’s one that you can do yourself!

Those who seek perfection shouldn’t waste their time attempting to settle for less but rather should go out and get it. It doesn’t matter if you decide to go out and buy a tie-dyed bucket hat or make one on your own; either way, it’s an excellent opportunity to demonstrate not just your originality and creativity but also your resourcefulness and sense of fashion.